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Thread: Acronyms

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    I have been hanging out for about a month now and I am still seeing alot of posts that use acronyms, which is fine but it would be nice for a newbie to guns (like me) to have a point of reference for them somewhere on the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shyster
    CCing SOB is a very very bad idea.
    The one I have discovered today was SOB. I know what it stands for in real life but here it doesn't make sense.

    The ones I have figured out so far are.
    CC=concealed carry
    OC=Open Carry
    IWB = In waist band
    OWB=Out of waist band

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    Small of back.... Right?

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    Yes, in that context SOB is Small Of Back.

    Here is a list of others that you will find on this forum:


    I just saw that SOB is not on there. huh.

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    Just saw DADT. Heck if I could figure it out. Google= Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

    Sometimes I think these acronyms are dumb. Spell it out.

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    Today, I used the RMI in my HSI to track an NDB with DME so I could intercept an ILS-LOC to avoid having to use the VOR-A into KYIP because I dont like the way my RNAV(GPS) CDI looks.

    Oh wait........gun acronyms...right.....

    To be serious, SOB (small of back) carry is hazardous. It opens you to the risk of fracturing vertebrae/ slipping a disk if you were to fall flat on your back.

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    And if you fell on your side with a side carry holster you could crack your hip bone,ribs and etc.
    18 U.S. Code § 871 - Threats against President and successors to the Presidency

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    As my brother was fond of saying, " I hate TLA's".

    ... Three Letter Acronyms...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJak
    And if you fell on your side with a side carry holster you could crack your hip bone,ribs and etc.
    Your pelvis is just a little more resilliant than your back when it comes to shearing forces.

    Carry however you want. That's just the they're behind why SOB is bad.

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