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Obama and Romney Speak on Natural Resources and Conservation

With the election 2012 days away, MUCC was able to ask the camps of both President Obama and Governor Romney their thoughts on how if elected they would help the outdoors in Michigan. These responses were printed in the most recent November/December 2012 issue of Michigan Out-of-Doors Magazine.

Presidential Candidates on Angling

The American Sportfishing Association posed questions to both candidates through their angler advocacy campaign, providing insight as to how the candidates would manage the nation’s fisheries and access to recreational fishing.

The candidates were asked 8 questions each. Issues ranged from invasive species and ocean closures to the user-pay model of fish and wildlife management and the economic importance of America’s fishing industry.


Poll Released on Hunter, Angler Interests

A recent poll conducted by the National Wildlife Federation on hunters and anglers garnered some interesting results. Hunters and anglers across the country are on average more conservative and tend to vote Republican and independent.

See the Results

Questionnaires Sent to State Rep. and MI Congressional Candidates

Questionnaires were sent out to 243 candidates running for legislative positions in Michigan. We wanted to know where candidates stood on key conservation issues such as Asian carp, ballast water restrictions, gun rights and more.

Here's where they stood.

Conservation Issues Falling to the Wayside with Michigan Legislators?

A full month before the polls open, we contacted all 246 candidates running for legislative positions in Michigan. Of those, we received 85 responses. Why do legislators feel conservation issues don't warrant attention?

Here's Why.