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Thread: MGO Featured in International News

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    How about some Cliff notes.
    I tend to not watch youtubes.
    Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjgalligan
    How about some Cliff notes.
    I tend to not watch youtubes.
    These are 3 minutes each, news segments, and only accessible from the links above.

    I recommend watching at least the first link - that's the one with MGO's president in it.
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    Not bad. If a US news outlet had done it i think it would have been more slanted.

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    one for Jeff and MGO...
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    Good job Jeff!!!

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    Way to represent!

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    Very well presented and represented. It was a good reporting job too IMHO. Shared part 1 with a couple of friends.

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    Good stuff

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    @2:46 in the first video the militia guy busts out a fully loaded AK-74 from his trunk to show the reporter. Illegal much?! Otherwise, good video.

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