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Thread: HB 4560 No firearm in police station

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    HB 4560 No firearm in police station

    HB 4560 of 2017
    Weapons; firearms; premises where possession of firearms is prohibited; expand. Amends secs. 234d & 237a of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.234d & 750.237a).
    Last Action: 5/2/2017 referred to Committee on Judiciary

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    This bill is horrible and effects both OC and CC. The open carry folks who have a CPL would no longer be able to open carry in the pistol free zones. Plus it makes it so that people who concealed carry would no longer be able to carry in police stations and BANKS.

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    This one needs to DIE !!!!!



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    Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn)

    Any surprises there?

    More about the Representative:

    Hammoud invites representatives to visit religious leaders city
    State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud (D-Dearborn) sent an invitation to the representatives that sponsored or co-sponsored a controversial bill that would prohibit state courts from using foreign laws — including, but not limited to, Sharia law, Catholic canon, and Jewish Halacha — to meet with the interfaith council in the city of Dearborn. However, religious laws are frequently taken into consideration in state courts, such as marriage, divorce and business arbitrations. Thus, this bill potentially poses serious constitutional issues.

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    I figured it had to be sponsored by someone from Dearborn after the ruckus there this spring.

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    Can Dearborn be moved to California?
    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and laxative on the same night.

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    As usual, it SUCKS.

    I agree, it needs to DIE.

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    This Bill almost sounds like a joke...
    I'd like to think our elected representatives aren't this outright stupid, but that's been proven incorrect on numerous occasions.

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    Michigan Open Carry, Inc added 2 new photos.
    3 mins ·
    Following our post this morning, Rep. Abdullah Hammoud reached out to us to discuss his legislation (HB 4560) meant to restrict the possession of firearms in police stations. Rep. Hammoud confirmed to us that he indeed did NOT intend to eliminate the exemption for CPL holders for the entire section. His focus was simply on police stations with the intent of preventing a similar incident that occurred a few months ago in Dearborn.
    We wish to commend Rep. Hammoud for reaching out to us and for the very respectful conversation that followed. As we conveyed to the representative, we very much agree that we would like to not see such an incident again, however, we believe all of the tools necessary to ensure this are already in place.
    As we mentioned this morning, the guys at the center of the issue are already facing a total of over 15 years in prison, and we do not believe millions of law-abiding gun owners all across the state should be punished for the foolish actions of 2.
    We also reiterated that the responsibility for introduced language falls entirely on the legislator, and it is their responsibility to know and understand the subject matter they are addressing.
    In response, as a sign of sincerity, Rep Hammoud has already received a corrected draft of his bill and has sent us a copy. Below you will find a picture of that draft and a statement from Rep. Hammoud. (Note: the corrections will NOT show on the Legislature's site)
    MOC still opposes the legislation, but Rep. Hammoud's quick response to a significant issue is certainly more than what most have done in the past, and for that he deserves credit.
    I want to thank Michigan Open Carry for bringing the concern regarding HB 4560 to my attention. During the drafting process, a few lines were inadvertently struck from the bill, and this deviated from my intent. The legislative process is fluid and incremental, with the majority of bills being revised at some point along the way. I have discussed and rectified the issue, the correct version of the language, as a substitute, is attached. This is the corrected version for which I will be advocating.
    I have been clear from the start that my intention is to protect our police officers from the irresponsible handling of firearms, similar to what occurred in the city of Dearborn a few months ago. The corrected version does not change any current laws in relation to CPLs. I respect the integrity of the Second Amendment and appreciate the feedback I received today. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further recommendations.
    Abdullah Hammoud
    Michigan State Representative
    House District 15

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    Everyone please call, visit, or email you state representative. Emailed mine today. MOC has a suggested script and text.

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