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Thread: ATF asks what gun regulations need to be ‘repealed or replaced’

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    ATF asks what gun regulations need to be ‘repealed or replaced’

    ATF asks what gun regulations need to be ‘repealed or replaced’

    By Joey Clementine
    July 10th. 2017

    During a closed door meeting earlier this year, the ATF is reviewing what gun regulations to eliminate with leaders from firearm industry leaders, law enforcement, and advocacy groups, The Trace reports.

    Citing an agenda from the meeting held in May and June, which the website had obtained, attendants were asked to consider: what impact current regulations have on gun-violence prevention; what regulations need to be “repealed, replaced, or modified;” and what regulations are outdated.

    The meeting follows President Trump signing an executive action in February directing each federal agency to identify costly regulations that could be scaled back. Jumping the gun, ATF executive Ronald Turk penned a internal letter, dubbed a “white paper” report, suggesting the agency review more than two dozen regulations, including restrictions on the sale of silencers and armor piercing bullets.

    The ATF has not publicly released details about the meeting, but a handful of organizations that attended have. The pro-gun groups, some of which often help companies and retailers comply with ATF regulations, expressed optimism following meetings whereas gun violence prevention groups expressed concern the agency may be caving to industry pressure.
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    Isn't there a "sporting Purpose" means test for imported guns? If so that can go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash-hider View Post
    Isn't there a "sporting Purpose" means test for imported guns? If so that can go.
    They can add the "point system" that they use for imported handguns too!

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