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Thread: MGO table staffing at CRC September 9,10th

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    MGO table staffing at CRC September 9,10th

    MGO is proud to be one of the sponsors for the CRC Combat Rifle Championship XII Hosted by American Confederation of Tactical Shooters

    At Centerline Gun Club in Bellevue, MI

    We will be having a table there for the event on Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 9,10, 2017 a few volunteers are needed to staff the table during the event, it will be two long day's.

    Contact SeeTee for more information.
    MGO Activities Committee Chairman.

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    Maybe some of those "West side members" can come over and help.

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    I know I can do Sunday; with a bit of schedule rearranging, I may be available Saturday.

    Let me know, SeeTee.

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    Same weekend as Woods & Water.
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    Unless my plans change, I will be there Saturday & Sunday, Camping.
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    I'll be there all weekend, but I'll be a little busy.
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    Sign me up for Saturday afternoon.
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