This Congresswoman Just Called The NRA A ‘Domestic Security Threat’

By Mollie Hemingway
The Federalist
August 11th. 2017

Kathleen Rice, a sitting Democratic member of Congress from New York, threatened a civil liberties group that practices its First Amendment rights. She tweeted:

The National Rifle Association is the country’s premier gun rights organization. It also teaches firearm safety and marksmanship. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, but progressive activists and their allies in the media regularly speak against gun rights.

Dana Loesch is a spokesman for the NRA. Progressive activists are angry at her for noting, in her personal Twitter feed, that Philando Castile, a victim of a police shooting last year, was not carrying his firearm legally. He was in possession of a controlled substance at the time of the shooting, as well as other attendant issues. Progressive activists had wanted the NRA to weigh in on the matter on behalf of Castile.

For this, Rice declared her and the organization she represents domestic security threats.

“Falsely labeling someone a terrorist is an act of terrorism. You have no idea how your hyperbole puts real lives in danger,” Loesch’s husband Chris responded.