Defending Your Family During States of Emergency

By F. Paul Valone
American Thinker
September 4th. 2017

In Houston, as in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, looting follows as floodwaters recede. Homeowners already ravaged by Hurricane Harvey are finding themselves ravaged yet again by thugs and looters. Nor is Harvey the only hazard. As we approach the height of hurricane season, Hurricane Irma threatens the Caribbean and, potentially, our Atlantic coast.

Even beyond natural disasters, residents of Charlottesville, Charlotte, Baltimore, and elsewhere have suffered from America's increasing propensity for riots, looting, and property destruction.

As you probably know, you may legally defend yourself using deadly force if you or your family faces a reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm. And with rare exceptions, lawful citizens may keep defensive firearms in the home.

But can authorities legally confiscate your firearms during an emergency as they did in New Orleans after Katrina? What about using deadly force to protect property? Most important, can you legally carry firearms to protect your family if forced to evacuate?