Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll Throws Wrench in Anti-gun Agenda

September 8th. 2017

This week, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News released the results of a 1200 person survey that measured Americans’ opinions on a host of political issues.

Included were a handful of questions that gauged Americans’ attitudes on gun rights and gun control. The results should serve to bolster the position of gun rights advocates and prompt bouts of anxiety among anti-gun activists and politicians.

Among the gun-related questions in the survey, respondents were asked to choose which of the following statements concerned them more.

Statement A: The government will go too far in restricting the rights of citizens to own guns

Statement B: The government will not do enough to regulate access to firearms

50 percent answered that they were more concerned with government overreach on guns, while 45 percent were more concerned that the government would do too little. To put this in historical perspective, when asked this same question in 1995, respondents were more concerned about a lack of gun control by a margin of 58 to 35