How I came to stop fearing guns and embrace the Second Amendment

By Jon Caldara
The Hill
October 11th. 2017

I used to hate guns, even giving money to anti-gun organizations. Today I am a life member of the National Rife Association.

The tale of my transition from “we need reasonable regulation” to “out of my cold dead hands” is not meant to convert gun control advocates to gun rights supporters, because no one column will ever do that. And that’s my point. No bumper sticker, Facebook post, Tweet or talkshow rant will change the mind of someone who feels the way I felt — that it’s insane to oppose gun limits. The only way to change someone’s anti-gun viewpoint is to slowly, and personally engage them and take them through the long process.

Imagine if every gun owner did what my brother did in taking just one person who should know better and helping them on this long journey. Imagine if some of those people then became journalists or elected officials.