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Thread: Monthly Shootist CPL Classes In Clare, Michigan

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    Monthly Shootist CPL Classes In Clare, Michigan

    My one day all indoor CPL class is presented nearly every month in Clare, Michigan just off I-127 near Jay's Sporting Goods.

    I am a Lethal Force Institute Graduate and a NRA Certified trainer. I have had my own CPL in three different states for over 40 years, and have been involved with handgun instruction for over 30 years.

    Training materials are mailed to the participants a month before the class. This advance preparation allows us to cover holster selection, the use of non-lethal weapons, shooting with a flash light, and a number of other critical topics not generally covered in most CPL classes. Classes are limited to 18 participants and during the shooting exercises there is a ratio of one certified safety officer for every 2 shooters making it a very safe environment. The class fees are only $125.

    Call (989) 544 - 4444 or PM for a detailed brochure. The remainder of the 09 class schedule is indicated below.

    June 20 July 25 September 26 October 24 December 12

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    The June 20th class is full and registrations are now closed.

    We already have 5 signed up for July.... so that class will probably fill as well.

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    July 09 class is full

    See you in September

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