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  1. Welcome!
  2. Guy needs advice from women on gun hating wife.
  3. Women's Night at the Firing Line Jan 24
  4. Question
  5. Women's Introduction to Firearms March 4
  6. Women's Night at the Firing Line March 21
  7. Women's Night at the Firing Line April 25
  8. Difficulty and safety issues
  9. Women's Night at the Firing Line May 31
  10. Defensive CPL 101 in Howell!
  11. BOW Shotgunning Seminars Coming Up
  12. Ladies night at Silver Bullet Firearms
  13. Women's Night at the Firing Line August 22
  14. Women Are Concealing With Style . . .
  15. Women Shooters Make The News . . .
  16. Women's Night at the Firing Line Sept. 20
  17. Women's Night at the Firing Line Oct. 24
  18. Girls, Girls, Girls. . .
  19. Ladies Fill Beginner Handgun Camp To Capacity . . .
  20. Women's Night 11-28 at Firing Line
  21. Julie Goloski Wins 2006 USPSA Triple Crown
  22. Abc World News . . .
  23. SAF Inaugurates 'Roosevelt Courageous Woman' Award
  24. Dial 911 or....
  25. What a concept..
  27. Classes for Women at LGC
  28. Ladies, watch the news
  29. Women's Steel Shoot Oct. 20 at LGC
  30. MiCPL.net LLC
  31. Women's Basic Pistol at LGC Nov. 10 - Brighton
  32. Women's CPL Class at LGC Dec. 8 - Brighton
  33. Deer Hunting Widow's Steel Shoot Nov. 17 at LGC
  34. Womens ONLY Class
  35. K&M CPL Class for Women at LGC Dec. 8 - Brighton
  36. "First shots"
  37. “Real Women Real Hunters™”
  38. Let this be a lesson learned gentlemen
  39. Hot French IPSC Babe..er. shooter
  40. Wife is thinking
  41. This say's it all MiCPL student testemonial.
  42. Free Range Time at Wolverine Shooting Sports - Brownstown Twp., MI
  43. women outdoors
  44. I need some info for a friend.
  45. So it wasn't beginner's luck
  46. Some good Holster and Firearm Advice and Info
  47. Hello
  48. Interesting since in one year we've had a woman running for President and VP
  49. Women's Outdoor Wire
  50. Second Amendment Testimony from a woman
  51. "Women are the future of our sport"
  52. Firing Line blew it....
  53. Ladies Steel Shoot
  54. Looking for a recc on a holster
  55. Second Annual Deer Hunting Widows' Steel Shoot
  56. Women's CPL classes
  57. Women-Only Basic Handgun Class - SE Mich
  58. Another Girl to add to our list.
  59. How do you carry?
  60. women's tactical class?
  61. Hello Kitty AR-15
  62. Wild Women of Washtenaw Outdoor Women's Event
  63. How can I get my g/f too.....
  64. I have never been more proud.
  65. Suggestions on First handgun - Revolver
  66. Women and OC
  67. I have to love my daughter and the way she thinks
  68. My wife and her first run in with police as a CPL holder
  69. Women on Target at Capitol City Rifle Club
  70. Women, guns and shoes
  71. Sooo Ladies, does size matter??
  72. Tactical Corsets!
  73. Women Concealed Carry
  74. Need some serious help My woman hates guns
  75. Happy Birthday to me
  76. I love my wife.
  77. Women on Target 9/12/09
  78. for the ladies only!
  79. Ruger LCP .380
  80. Finally, she wants to shoot
  81. Womans Gun?
  82. i need a little help
  83. Female Only Gun Camps on Rise in U.S.
  84. Need Advice on Carry
  85. Here is a non-firearm question for the ladies
  86. Shooting while pregnant
  87. Paxton Quigley
  88. Gun Purses
  89. Tactical Training on the west side
  90. I want to get a woman's perspective on this......
  91. What caliber would be good?
  92. Need Help: Taurus TCP738 to try
  93. Wild Women of Washtenaw 12th Outdoor Womens Event
  94. Women's clothing and CC
  95. Ares Ranger for women?
  96. Tom rocks (Raven Concealment)
  97. Women on Target Programs
  98. Basic Handgun class for women?
  99. few slots left
  100. Ladies Day
  101. Ladies Day at Linden Sportsman Club Aug 29
  102. State offers gun safety class to women July 19 in Utica
  103. Any suggestions on where I could take my mom to go shooting?
  104. Carry gun for wife
  105. Purses Designed for CC?
  106. whoo hoo! new gun.
  107. I just feel like sharing
  108. Women Only CCW/CPL classes available NOW!!!
  109. Women Only NRA Instructor Courses available NOW!!!
  110. Ideas for 2nd gun purchase
  111. Really great instructional/informational videos for women
  112. Register Now for October NRA Certified Instructor Course
  113. CCW/CPL Classes with 1, and 2 day options
  114. FREE Women's Self Defense Seminar
  115. Good Concealed Carry Pistol for Women?
  116. Best Conceal IWB Holster for Women?
  117. S&W 9c
  118. question for the GF please help ladies
  119. how do you conceal?
  120. The Outdoor Channel's - "Babes with Bullets"
  121. Holster Review Video for Women
  122. ladies chime in please, opinions needed
  123. Something for the ladies!
  124. Set a Fashion Trend at the Range!
  125. Kris...
  126. My Wife
  127. Volunteer Detroit 300
  128. Women holsters
  129. Perfect Gun for My Mom
  130. Shooting Classes for Women
  131. Don't be a D&%$, pass it on.
  132. Any Day by Day fans?
  133. ''Self defense - not something you should ignore!
  134. Holster Maker looking for advice
  135. i think wayne county lost my cpl!
  136. Different Holster Choices for Women LINKS INSIDE
  137. What to do if you can't get to your gun...
  138. Holster maker looking for advice
  139. RAW HideXtreme Designer Holster for Women
  140. Shooting Class for Women
  141. Michigan’s Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program Offers Three Shooting Classes
  142. Ladies Day at LSC
  143. Women help fuel demand for concealed gun permits
  144. Concealed carry LCR Women
  145. delete
  146. And what do you think of girls with guns?
  147. Something for women to watch if they want to conceal
  148. Firearm sales on the rise, especially to women
  149. Fiance wants an AR15
  150. Met With My CPL Instructor & His Wife Today
  151. wife issues
  152. 22 Mag good gun to start wife shooting?
  153. Wife Concealed Carry
  154. My wife, the bad influence :)
  155. Wife and gun selection
  156. starting from scratch
  157. 9mm vs 380 for concealment
  158. Trigger Women
  159. S&W 642 or Ruger SP 101 for the wife??
  160. Ladies Day
  161. Outdoor Women's Event in Ypsilanti Twp
  162. woman only cpl class?
  163. Holster
  164. so bummed
  165. Charter arms undercover holster options
  166. introductory handgun, shotgun shooting classes for women
  167. which gun...
  168. Kimber Solo
  169. Woman's Day At The Range
  170. Carry Piece Advice
  171. Carry position/holster recommendation
  172. Self defense ammo ?
  173. Good YouTube channel...
  174. My new gun and I love it!!
  175. Friend would like purple on a gun...
  176. I would like to know a woman's opinion on holster
  177. Where are ALL the female shooters?! *Help is here!*
  178. whats a good iwb holster for a woman (glock 26)
  179. Weapons training classes being filled by women
  180. it was only a matter of time
  181. Holster options for women
  182. Wanting to buy some new guns..
  183. Gun Accessories For Women
  184. Anyone have/shoot a Taurus Judge?m
  185. Trouble Racking Slide - Glock 17
  186. Flash Bang Holster
  187. 38 or 9 or ??
  188. Where do you carry your license?
  189. New to Carrying
  190. Best micro pistol?
  191. Ruger vs S&W revolvers
  192. Looking for a female perspective on basic training for my fiancée
  193. Southeastern Chapter of Well Armed Women
  194. The Well Armed Woman - Hastings Chapter
  195. Well Armed Woman Holland area Chapter video
  196. Carry gun/holster for young lady.
  197. Like a Diamond
  198. Gun Salesmen and Women
  199. Womens' gun sales, licenses skyrocket in Michigan
  200. GirlsGuidetoGuns: What’s up, Flashbang?
  201. The Whole Shebang! Appendix Carry for Women
  202. For the gun industry, women are the next big thing
  203. Can Can Concealment
  204. Where my ladies at? My Wife just recieved her CPL....
  205. How Can Women Conceal Carry? Let Me Count The Ways!
  206. Women and guns
  207. Well Armed Woman trains females on gun use
  208. Why women who can shoot are in HOT demand
  209. NRA seeking certified female instructors for Women on Target training clinics
  210. Finally A well dressed Wal-Mart shopper
  211. MI: Woman gun owners asked: "Could you shoot?"
  212. 7 reasons women struggle with firearms training (and how to overcome them)
  213. NRAWomen.tv Love At First Shot | First Trip to the Range
  214. The First Lady of Hunting: Brenda Valentine
  215. A close up look at the shooters and fun at an NRA Women on Target clinic
  216. Grandmas Buying, Carrying Guns to Keep Grandchildren Safe
  217. running & carrying
  218. Glock 42.
  219. My precious wife
  220. Running & carrying
  221. Woman Who DO NOT Support Gun Control
  222. My Precious Wife, Part II - Her Offspring
  223. Hi
  224. Looking to ladies who carry for a little help.
  225. 3 Things Women Should Avoid When Shopping For A Gun
  226. More Women
  227. Pink guns?
  228. CPL Course
  229. A purse is no place for a gun
  230. To the women ccers
  231. Girls With Guns: 7 Tips for Women on Buying Your First Hunting Rifle
  232. Girls With Guns: 7 Easiest Handguns for Women to Conceal
  233. Girls With Guns: 5 Reasons Why Pink Guns Are the Worst
  234. Girls With Guns: 7 Tips for Women on Buying Your First Handgun
  235. Girls With Guns: 6 Tips for Women on Buying Your First Shotgun
  236. Firearms Fashion Show
  237. New website for women shooters
  238. Not a lot of women on this site?
  240. Help from the lady members
  241. CC Holsters
  242. CC purse recomendations - Where to see them?
  243. CPL training, during the week in Washtenaw county ?
  244. The Well Armed Woman
  245. Flier for Local MI Chapters of "The Well Armed Woman"
  246. Thunderwear Holster from AWAW
  247. Pink steel: Women influence the trajectory of firearm sales and use
  248. A gun that looks like a cell phone, can I get some feedback on this? What does MGO Forum think?
  249. WOMEN! Make your Bullets from Scratch & Antique Gun Lessons ARE HERE!
  250. Women's Training Video