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  3. 30 years of safety is more than accident prevention
  4. Any suggestions or material for teaching children?
  5. Always Check The Chamber! *GRAPHIC PICS*
  6. Gun safety needs to be taught in schools: essay by 8th grader
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  15. Do not use live ammo as a hammer
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  19. Pro's and Con's
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  21. Are indoor ranges dangerous or what?
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  24. Booger Hooks and Bang Switches...
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  26. gotta love safety
  27. 11 yr Old Boy Finds a Gun...
  28. para ordnance nite hawg shooting without grip safety
  29. Remington 700
  30. Safe or not Safe?
  31. Lesson #1: do not use guns in pranks.
  32. Man, 25, arrested after allegedly firing gun while on the toilet
  33. Revolver question
  34. 5 year old finds sawed off shotgun in a wrapped up Army jacket...
  35. How many have carried without a holster
  36. .45ACP Federal Ammo recall notice
  37. 12 ga to .410 adapter?
  38. 45 Colt +P in Taurus?
  39. Man shoots himself, is killed, in CPL class
  40. worn leather holster
  41. SAFETY WARNING! Worn Leather Holsters Can Cause Accidental Discharges!
  42. Saf-T-Blok for Glock
  43. 45 ammo question
  44. The most horrendous gun handling you have ever seen.
  45. Range Bag
  46. Hunting lover
  47. Last 2 posts= tools...
  48. I'm without words
  49. Where to buy a quality gun safe?
  50. AR firing pin hitting primer
  51. i always knew this person was going to hurt himself
  52. Forensic Pathology of Firearm Wounds
  53. BP Revolver BOOM! Barrel shoots off (pics)
  54. black powder
  55. Anyone catch the accidental discharge on "Storage Wars?
  56. Arizona Man Shoots Self in Penis
  57. Rep. Hagedorn urges U of I to embrace gun safety, stop 'running away' from 2nd Amendm
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  59. I just (expletive) shot myself
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  61. Gander Mountain Firearm Safety Experience
  62. Instructor dropped by NRA because of this youtube video
  63. Mexican carry w/ grip safety
  64. Remember safety this hunting season
  65. Quick access to long gun?
  66. Gun go boom, house go BOOM!
  67. C.P.L training
  68. Tex Grubner on Tosh.0 this Tuesday
  69. another neglegent discharge.
  70. Thompson Center Venture recall
  71. M&P 9mm Range Kit
  72. Mosin Nagant go/no go gages
  73. taurus 940 question
  74. CPL class near Kalamazoo?
  75. Muzzle up reload, safety hazard?? your views.
  76. What a .45 looks like in the hand
  77. SR9C - Magazine Disconnect
  78. Ammo Question
  79. Pastor's daughter accidentally shot at church dies
  80. clip from blue bloods
  81. Lone Wolf SS Guide Rod (Glock 27)
  82. So, you had a dud?
  83. 1911 Carry with an Ambidextrous Safety?
  84. CPL Holder leaves GUN in Car - 3-year-old dies
  85. RSO Training in Detroit
  86. Ringing in the Ears after a little range time
  87. Sobering night at range
  88. My personal story
  89. Handling Firearms Around Other People
  90. Couple Accidentally SHOT at gun safety class
  91. Unsafe Military Surplus 7.62 X 54R Pic included
  92. Bullet explodes in woman’s handbag
  93. Terrible but Preventable Tragedy in Brighton
  94. Lansing Fireworks Death - Stray Bullet kills MSU Student
  95. Holy Chit!!!!
  96. Found this at the DNR range up north....
  97. Hunter's Safety Issue: Carrying a Loaded Side Arm when Hunting Out West at Elk Camp.
  98. Negligent Discharge with Injuries ***GRAPHIC***
  99. Safe rifle round for home defense
  100. Anyone have experience with Breechvault?
  101. sig 238
  102. Shooting Range expierence
  103. long gun shipping
  104. Fatal misstep with Glock
  105. Following rules at Range
  106. Dipstick takes M11 9mm to the hand
  107. VERY bad day at the oakland county sportsmans club I MAY not return to shoot there
  108. Firearms handling: Removal from case
  109. Suppressed weapons for HD to help prevent hearing loss?
  110. Shooting glasses
  111. 12-28-12 - Gun shot at Gibraltor Trade Center
  112. Slug pushed in shell
  113. Good Ear Pro
  114. Bullet falls from sky, goes through 8-yr-old's foot
  115. Be careful out there...
  116. Not Happy!
  117. Gun Lock "required" for all new gun purchases?
  118. Need advice on shooting steel targets with .22LR..
  119. Freak .22LR discharge while in pocket
  120. Recall Notice Winchester 5.56 M855
  121. 1911 safety
  122. Question on shotting on my own property.
  123. Lead exposure mitigation
  124. Where could a free example of a Gun and firearms Safety users operator manual ?
  125. Hearing protection advice
  126. Battle (well, range actually) Wound
  127. T/C Recall
  128. Sweeping the gun at the range
  129. So you want to learn how not to handle a gun while making a Youtube video??
  130. Shooting AR15 at Steel Target from 50 yards - Ricochet
  131. Recomend me some shooting glasses
  132. Remington Safety Recall
  133. Disturbing range video.
  134. Youth hearing protection
  135. Hearing Protection
  136. Caracal Model C Warning
  137. Consumer Safety Alert to owners of M&P Shield Pistols
  138. New Hunter Safety Device Patent
  139. Springfield Armory Champion safety question
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  141. School Firearms Safety Program
  142. Eddie eagle program?
  143. Don't clean multiple identical guns...
  144. Muzzle up "powder shake"
  145. Advice on a good trauma / gun shot wound first aid kit?
  146. Manufacturing a jam for practice clearing it?
  148. Remington recall -model 700 & model 7
  149. Cease fire means hands off your guns!
  150. Is this not safe
  151. Recommend good ear plugs..
  153. Replacing hunter safety cert.
  154. Firearm/Children Safety Rant
  155. Executive orders and safety?
  156. loose your 2nd Amendment for traffic ticket
  157. M855 Ammo unsafe for law abiding Americans
  158. Thoughts on the safe distance/land area for shooting on my property
  159. Gunshot Wound on the Range! What You Need to Do
  160. Never Use Smokeless Powder in a Black Powder Gun
  161. Teaching The Danger Of Where Your Gun Is Pointed at All Times - Scary Video
  162. LEO ND MA State Trooper 12 ga
  163. Anyone ever ask you about fire and your ammo storage or reload area?
  164. looking for rso or nra safety instructor course.
  165. Do not fire a muzzle loader near exposed powder
  166. Catastrophic weapon malfunction — Taurus fires all by itself
  167. Safety Glasses
  168. Muzzle Control and Trigger safety advice
  169. "Stop, don't touch, run away, tell a grown up."
  170. Disposing of old Ammo Question?????
  171. INFOGRAPHIC: The Successes of the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program
  172. Firing Dented M855
  173. Shooting at lead targets... for science!
  174. Unattended Firearm results in – 2 Children Injured
  175. Mounting Holsters Safely in Vehicles
  176. Another gem from the world of Yeager
  177. INFOGRAPHIC: The Adventures of Eddie Eagle
  178. New Year's Resolutions for the Gun-Parent
  179. Giving access to kids?
  181. Rubber dummies safe for Lapeer Pit shooting range?
  182. The four rules of gun safety
  183. toys-tools-guns-rules-childrens-book-gun-safety
  184. Videos/Links For Gun Safety in Homes with Kids
  185. Looking for taining for a complte novice
  186. MDFI Will Not Be Utilizing Caledonia Sportsmans Club Any Longer
  187. Help a shooter get back to the sport.
  189. NRA Basic Range Safety Officer Course
  190. How young to teach children how to handle and shoot safely?
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  192. Great Vid For New/First Time Gun Owners
  193. I Remember
  194. Ear buds
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  197. Ear buds bs Noice Cancelling Headphones
  198. Hearing protection gone bad?