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    Advertising dollars at work

    A very effective approach to advertising is to target a specific audience. Whether selling a product or a service, knowing your market and building awareness is key. Banner advertising on MGO's web site is a very effective way to build this awareness and stimulate sales. Banner advertising is inexpensive, unobtrusive and simple. MGO's website currently averages over 48,000,000 hits per month and is rapidly growing. We offer simple, effective advertising to your target audience for rates that are so low, it's almost unreasonable not to advertise with us. All advertisements served at migunowners.org are monitored electronically.


    • We require that advertisers offer a product or service of particular interest to our visitors and are committed to advancing the cause of gun rights.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any advert without notice for any reason.
    • All banner adverts must be sized exactly 468 x 60 pixels and use no more than 256 colors
    • All banner adverts must not simulate flashing text or images
    • All banner adverts must use no more than three rotating images (gif) which must not rotate more frequently than 3 seconds per image.
    • Free banner exchange upon approval.

    Banner Advertising Rates

    • 3 months: $350
    • 6 months: $600
    • 12 months: $1,000

    MGO Members receive a $25 discount on 3 or 6 month banner rates and a $50 discount on the 12 month banner rate.

    Contact: advert@migunowners.org
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