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Thread: MGO Actions and Events

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    MGO Actions and Events

    Upcoming Actions and Events-Due to limited space here- Please Follow the "read more" link at the end of the section for more events.

    November 2016

    November 12th, Free RSO class link to event - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...80#post2827680

    October 2016

    October 29 MGO BOD meeting & Fun Shoot at Firearm Exchange in Livonia - Link to event - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...61#post2826561

    July 2016

    July 30 MGO Annual Members meeting, BOD elections & picnic July30, at Post 46, Pickney link to more information http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...0-2016-Post-46

    February 2016

    February 20th 2016 BOD meeting / Glock raffle drawing --link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...30#post2723530

    February 25~28 2016 Michigan Gun Owners at the Outdoorama link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...rama-2016-Novi

    October 2015

    MGO October BOD meeting, Taylor Gander Mountain 10-10-15 link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ntain-10-10-15

    MGO @ Birch Run Women's Expo October 24th & 25th -link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...41#post2666041

    MGO at Novi Gun show October 31, Nov 1 2015 link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ad-2015-season

    September 2015

    MGO at Novi Gun show September 26,27- 2015 link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ad-2015-season

    MGO/MOC A2 JOINT Pizza in the Park September 29, 630-830pm- Gallup Park Shelter Ann Arbor - link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...lter-Ann-Arbor

    August 2015

    Michigan Gun Owners -August 8, 2015 Project Childsafe Presentation At Jordan Missionary Baptist Church - link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...52#post2643652

    July 2015

    July 25 MGO Annual Meeting/Picnic Funshoot link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...5-2015-Post-46

    July 26 MGO/MOC Joint Picnic- Kensington Metropark- Milford Noon-4pm link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...roPark-Milford

    June 2015

    June 20th MGO/MOC Joint Picnic- Midland County 11am-4 link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/new...stthread&f=158

    June 27th MGO BOD meeting & Fun Shoot 1pm at target sports Taylor. link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...30#post2612130

    April 2015

    April 3rd & 4th, 2015 Michigan Gun Owners at the Novi Gun Show -Gun Show volunteer thread http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ad-2015-season

    April 10th, 11th & 12 Michigan Gun Owners at the Lansing/Mason Gun Show - Gun show volunteer thread http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...Show-Apr-10-12

    April 25th, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting 2pm-5pm Silver Bullet Firearms 5121 Division Ave S, Wyoming, MI 49519 & fun shoot

    April 29th, 2015- Second Amendment March 10am-2pm, Capital Lawn, Lansing Michigan for more information http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...-29-Lansing-MI

    March 2015

    Michigan Gun Owners -March 29, 2015 Project Childsafe Presentation- March 29, 2015 1pm-3pm Barracks 616- 5740 Foremost Drive Southeast, Grand Rapids MI link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...29-2015-1-00pm

    February 2015

    Michigan Gun Owners at Novi Gun Show Feb. 14 & 15 volunteers needed link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ad-2015-season

    Michigan Gun Owners at Mason Gun Show Feb. 20,21,22 volunteers needed link - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...y-and-February

    Michigan Gun Owners Mid-Year membership meeting and BOD meeting Feb. 21 at Great lakes Crossing-at the Bass pro Shop -Auburn Hills - Link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...embers-meeting

    Michigan Gun Owners at the Outdoorama Feb. 26,27,28 7 Mar. 1 at Suburban Collection Showplace Volunteer needed - link

    January 2015

    Meet & Greet East side Mi, Shelby Twp. 1-29-2015 link to more information - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...-Twp-1-29-2015

    Project Childsafe Presentation - January 10, 2015 at Gander Mountain, Taylor, MI
    Link to more information - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ry-10-2015-2pm


    BOD meeting and Holiday fun shoot at Friingline in Westland Dec. 19 - link to more information - http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ne-in-Westland


    MGO Meet & Greet November 22, Wyoming MI, ( Grand Rapids area) -link to more information http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...07#post2499107

    MGO at the Novi Gun & Knife show November 1st & 2nd 2014 , at the SCSC (same place as the Outdoorama) link to volunteer http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...lunteer-thread


    BoD Meeting October 18, 3pm, at firingline in Westland link- http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...97#post2469297


    MGO at the Novi Gun & Knife show Sept 27 & 28 2014 at the SCSC (same place as the Outdoorama) link to volunteer http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...lunteer-thread

    MGO at the Woods & Water Weekend in Imlay City -Booth help needed!!! link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...014-Imlay-City


    Board of Directors Meeting at Gander Mountain Novi, August 23rd at 4:00 p.m

    Meet & Greet, At the Flap Jack Shack in Lansing located at 1601 South Waverly Road for our August Meet-n-Greet. Have a room reserved for Tuesday August 19th at 6:00PM.
    link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...p-Greet-August

    July MGO Annual Members meeting, BOD elections & picnic July 26, at Post 46, Pickney for more information link, http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...uly-26-Post-46


    MGO, MOC, & MCRGO Joint Picnic in Detroit June 14 link to location http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandt...=697&type=SPRK

    East side Detroit Meet & Greet June 4th, 6:30 pm Link- http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...une-4th-6-30pm

    BOD meeting June 7th at Firingline link- http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...ne-in-Westland


    April 2014

    BOD meeting Saturday April 5th at Magnum Sports in Greenville, Mi

    MGO at the Novi Gun & Knife show April 18 & 19 at the SCSC (same place as the Outdoorama)

    Michigan 2A march, Lansing April 29 link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...-April-29-2014

    March 2014

    MGO Meet & Greet, March 4th, Westland Mi, link- http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...d.php?t=285535

    February 2014
    MGO at the Outdoorama Feb 27 ~ Mar. 2 link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...d.php?t=279936

    MGO BOD meeting Feb.8th at CQT link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/sho...d.php?t=278577

    MGO at the Novi Gun & knife show show at The Suburban Collection Showplace Feb 22 & 23, help needed link http://www.migunowners.org/forum/showthread.php?p=2319787#post231978
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