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Thread: Colt Peacemaker Info

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    Colt Peacemaker Info

    Looking for information on 'original' Colt Peacemakers. I'd really like to buy one, and certainly want an original, but really don't know where to start. I like the 5"-ish barrel models in .45 Colt. Basically old school 'gunfighter' setup.

    Sooo...what do I look for in an authentic Colt Peacemaker as described above? I'm aware that they have been in production for a long while but don't really know the differences in them. Are the newer ones (relatively speaking, of course) any better or worse then the real old ones? Are the newer ones able to shoot smokeless .45 Colt loads? I'm really only planning on using BP loads but wouldn't mind the versatility. What should I expect to pay for one in good condition?

    Basically, I know nothing about these guns. Besides the fact that I want one, of course...and I don't want a fake or replica. I don't mind paying for the original, but if I can spend less I will.

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    I would check Gunbroker just for the info they might have. Also SASS is a good place to start.
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