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    2011 Hunting Pictures! Post your photo's and stories here!

    This thread is being started per the request of the forum community. This thread is for ALL types of hunting. Rules for posting in this thread:

    1. Only actual hunting pictures and the story that accompanies them (if the author chooses to post the story).

    2. No discussion allowed in the thread. Often discussions start out well but are easily derailed. Not allowing discussion in the thread also keeps the "bashing" that I have seen on many hunting sites out of the thread.

    3. If you want to congratulate someone on their hunt please do so via PM.

    These simple rules will keep the thread clean and uncluttered so that when there is a new post you don't have to scroll through 50 garbage posts to get the eye candy . I also believe these rules will encourage more people to post their pictures without the fear of being attacked for their decision to take whatever game they deem worthy to feed their families.

    Inability to follow these rules will result in post deletion and repeated offenses may result in having posting privileges suspended.

    This seemed to wokr out pretty well last year so lets keep it going!

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    Well. I guess I'll be the Ginny Pig.

    First Deer. Shot in DMU 060 Core of TB zone. Nov 15th 8am. Palmetto .223 (Wylde) Mid-length with .223 62gr Fusion Ammo. Appx 50 yd shot deer went 30-40 yds and dropped.

    2nd Deer. Wife's Doe.. DMU 060 Mossberg 695 with Federal Slug. 35 yds Dropped.

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    Osceola County 8pt. Ruger #1 .270 130 grain silvertip.

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    Nice one!

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    If I was smart enough to figure out how to post pics. 😔

    Is there a link to figure this out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downtown View Post
    Is there a link to figure this out?

    There is. Info on posting pictures is in the first sticky in the Forum/Website "Help" sub-forum.

    To post as an attachment, you must be a paid member.

    To post an image from a hosting site such as Photobucket or Imgur, copy the direct link of the image/picture from your hosting site, then insert the image by clicking on the 3rd icon from the right in the thread reply menu. Or just copy/paste your direct link url into the response and surround it with [img] in front and [/img] on the back.
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    300 Blackout, shot him in a swamp in Northern Newaygo County. Kinda crazy I walked up on him bedded down, the wind was in my favor and snow was melting and dripping and falling out of the trees he never saw or heard me coming.

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    "But then there are plenty of gun folks who think no one should rock the boat because it might piss off the anti gun crowd/politicians and cause even more gun control." - Bikenut
    Submissive gun rights advocates need to lose their submissiveness before we lose our 2A rights.

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    tldr: I filled my last doe tag and my firewood tag in one shot! 12 gauge slug got caught in a log after punching through a deer broadside and it made for a cool picture (see below). Also, several deer conspired to confuse me, the punks.

    Full story:
    I was out hunting on the next to last day of the Late Antlerless Season in a 16 acre field interspersed with clumps of evergreens and bushes. A group of four young does were milling around and, since it was probably the last day I'd be able to get out and hunt, I finally decided to take a shot at the largest of their group to top up the freezer. She stopped about 50 yards away, standing broadside in front of a cedar tree, and I squeezed off a shot. The sight picture looked perfect when the shot broke and she jolted, but she and the other three sprinted off. They disappeared and reappeared from sight several times as they ran behind various evergreens and bushes, but eventually I counted a total of four seemingly uninjured deer disappearing into my neighbor's woodlot.

    I thought I had missed, which seemed absolutely ubelievable on a 50 yard shot, and I started regarding my red dot with great suspicion. But when I got to the spot where she was standing when I fired, there was tons of bright red blood all over the snow and a strong blood trail in the direction she ran. Was she just wounded somehow? I had only seen four deer in the field, and watched all four run away. Track now or wait? Normally I would wait a long time before tracking a possibly wounded deer, but something didn't seem quite right, and the bloody snow was rapidly fading in the rain, so I went ahead and followed the trail. A little over 100 yards later, I practically stumbled into her.

    She was dead with a clean double lung shot, right where I had been aiming. But the spot where she was laying was not visible from my stand. I suspect there must have been a fifth deer hanging out in the same spot, and when the other four arrived and one dropped dead, she decided it might be smart to follow them in their retreat. In the process, they made me worry I'd nonfatally wounded the poor beast. The inconsiderate jerks.

    Anyway, after I collected the doe, my wife came out and spotted something cool. There was a small log on the ground behind the doe. I put it there a couple years ago to sit on while squirrel hunting a nearby treeline. After punching through the doe, the slug embedded itself quite neatly in the edge of the log. Slug's gotta stop somewhere, it's just usually in the dirt, so seeing it here was kind of neat. I'm tempted to try and cut around the slug and somehow preserve the wood with the slug inside; might make for a cool paperweight.

    Thought the picture might be cool enough to share.


    Firearm: Mossberg 500 12ga w/18.5" cylinder bore barrel
    Load: Federal Vital-Shok TruBall Deep Penetrator (1oz, ad. velocity: 1350 fps, copper plated non hollow point)

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