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Thread: Ruger American vs. Remington 700?

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    Question Ruger American vs. Remington 700?

    First off I should note I will not be in the market for either gun for several months. (a Ruger GP100 .357 is next on the list!)

    That said: I was at WallyWorld the other day and saw a Remington 700 in 30-.06 with a scope for $395. Cheap scope I am sure, but I thought if I got the rifle I could use the scope for my Mini-14 just for plinkin' fun, and get a better scope for the 700.

    Then while researching on the net I found the Ruger American rifle for roughly the same price, minus scope. I like the magazine feeding on the American vs. the non detatchable floorplate on the WallyWorld 700, but other than that I don't really know enough about hunting rifles to make an informed decision.

    Also I am biased towards Ruger, so I think that might influence my decision, and possibly not for the better?

    Which rifle would you choose, and why?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    I am a Forum User
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    go with the ruger...

    and, are you sure the wally world remmy was a 700? my guess it was a 710.
    H U G E difference... the 700 is (currently) barely acceptable, and the 710 is an abomination...

    that being said... a NEW 700 for under $400 is a bargain... a new 710 IS NOT.

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    MGO Member Ol` Joe's Avatar
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    If it is a M710 remington and not a M700 go with the Ruger. If it`s a M700 I`d flip a coin or go with the one that has the features you prefer. The 710 is an abomination and IMHO not worth even the $400.
    Personal feeling is the new Rugers are a better quality rifle then the new Remmies but, again that`s opinion only
    "Saepe errans, numquam dubitans --Frequently in error, never in doubt".

    The trouble with the Internet is that it's replacing masturbation as a leisure activity. ~Patrick Murray

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    Many of the searches I found were about the "wally world 700" so I assume it is a Rem 700? The tag said so. It had a synthetic stock and a scope for under $400.

    I wonder if the Rem 700 is made in the USA? I know the Ruger is...

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    Probably a 770, the replacement for the 710. Both guns are crap. I have no experience with the Ruger but it's got to be better, it can't be any worse.

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    I work at wally world and we have the 770 for $297 the ruger american for $357 and the 700 for $417 we do also have the 700 BDL for $777 with wooden stock and open sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-22Plinker
    Then while researching on the net I found the Ruger American rifle for roughly the same price, minus scope.
    The cheap plastic stock on the Ruger American is an insult to America! Ruger's are great, but spend the extra bucks and get a real wood stock. You won't regret it.

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    MGO Member adam9er's Avatar
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    The 700 at walmart at that price is a 700 ADL. According to the Remington website the ADL went out of production in 2004 so those being sold currently are probably what is left from when they were in production.

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