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Dirty Bird Industires (AR15 Discounts)

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Thread: New members

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    Google, with follow up info and verification from Greg Meier at Port City Pistol. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to spend a lot of time with a lot of crazy gun nuts, but I stayed anyway.
    "Every late-19th-century legal scholar that we have read interpreted the Second Amendment to secure an individual right unconnected with militia service." -- U.S. Supreme Court, June 26, 2008.

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    Justin at Wolverine in Brownstown told us about the site.

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    What day is it?
    I found out about MGO from a friend who was a member.

    He told me of a pistol for sale, I logged in and bought the pistol 3 minutes later.

    Picked it up from RSF a couple days later...

    ...And now the rest of the story.

    I learned so much from the board, and sold a few items, that I wanted to support the organization...so I became a Contributing Member.

    Since becoming a PAID member, I have worked with the Executive Board and met dozens of great people all over the state of Michigan.

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    I saw a posting in the IDPAforum from GS Bell who pointed to the M&P buy that is presently going on here.

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    Good deal on them I paid $470 for mine with 2 mags when they first came out and purchased another 3 mags,2 holsters and a mag holder and I am up to about $700 when if this deal would have been going on my wif wouldnt look at me funny everytime i put it on my hip.

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    Ricebrnr Told me to visit here on the Firing line forum.

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    Hey welcome MARKOPO! Glad to see you made it!. IT's a great site and lotsa nice local people and info.

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    i heard about mgo from fellow member on different gun forum.

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    I'm in possession of a blue flyer which I think I got at Outdoorama...? Anyway, I'll be sending in my dues.
    Regards, sse

    P.S. mail it

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    Livingston Gun Club (but they let me go home at night)
    Mark sent me.

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