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Thread: New members

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    I followed the group here from the dark side.

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    New guy introduction

    I heard about the site from user Toledo Kid.

    This looks like an awesome site and I wish I would have come across it earlier.

    I have a few firearms for sale/trade, so I will post those soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fbuckner
    As a member of the Executive Committee I welcome you enjoy what others have created and help us make this place last for years to come.

    I have a question for you now. Where did you hear about us from? I would like to know how the word is getting around and who ,what when or where you heard about us. This will help us plan for the future of MGO.

    Heard about you guys from TheHighRoad.org, which is another great site. Very impressed with the people on here so far. Look forward to many post.

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    I feel welcomed

    I was referred by a friend.

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    Link from tednugent.com led me here.

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    Ted Nugent loves us?? Oh, how cool!!!!

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    Even though I dont live in Ingam County I would like to see a Sheriff take charge of the inmates like that fella in Arizona does. Put them to work cleaning ditches the highways are a mess.

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    From TAC-GLOCK

    Heard about it on another forum, a good forum no doubt, just not as important to me as this one.

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    appliancebrad! Always willing to answer questions

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    A couple of guys from OpenCarry.Org (Ghostrider and SpringerXD45acp) sent me here.

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