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Thread: A good review of Ruger's 50th Anniversary 10-22

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    A good review of Ruger's 50th Anniversary 10-22

    Over at the Appleseed forum, there's a good, honest review of this rifle, designed by our own garymac


    As for me, My LGDOD honored the Ruger Instructor Pricing (cause I spend way too much money there already) and I picked one up before Christmas.

    Mine did not have the barrel indexing issue. Accurate as any factory stock 10/22 I've seen.

    A couple of mods on mine that I normally make (trigger, mag release, bolt release, charging handle) and slapped a Redfield 2-7X on top (nice scope by the way) until I figure out a better iron sight adjustment scheme.

    Seems to do the job.

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    Whats that funny thing on the end of the barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garymac View Post
    Whats that funny thing on the end of the barrel?
    I suspect the folks at Ruger would think "it is something that raises the price point to an uncompetitive level." I thought it looked fetching in person.

    It's baffling...

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    I bought one of these rifles from a local store. Havent shot it yet, but noticed that the mags that I use with my other 10/22 will not drop free in the DCW.

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