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Recoil Firearms

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    Any Recommended YouTube videos or books?

    Hey all, I went to my first full Appleseed a couple months back and really loved it, although I didn't do as well as I had hoped. I'm trying to get ready for the next one, but I'm finding I've forgotten a lot of the basic stuff - like how to set up the sling properly and especially how to use the sling properly in the various shooting positions. I want to practice and get better before the next Appleseed, but I don't want to practice the wrong things. Are there any YouTube videos from Appleseed instructors that would go over these things, or even a book or DVD to buy? I'd appreciate any help at all on how to get some remedial training. I can be a slow learner sometimes and my ten year old daughter and I really want to earn that patch together!

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    But if you want to look for something on YouTube then search for Ken Roxburgh. Ken is part of the Remington shooting team and teaches the Remington advanced high power clinic. Another good online resource is the CMP itself. Appleseed is but an introduction to a big world of marksmanship that has a number of different disciplines and thousands of competitors across the US and world. The fundamentals of marksmanship and use of a sling are the same for all.

    position basics

    sitting position - disregard the BB gun

    1907 & web sling rigging and installation

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