Course of fire will be similar to a typical two day Appleseed, except on Sunday we will be shooting full size targets at full distance (400 yards) instead of the reduced scale targets at 25m that we typically shoot.

Come see see the effect of wind on your bullet, and learn how to adjust elevation to keep the shots on target at the ranges your rifle was designed to shoot.

Please sign up early so we can properly staff this event.

Of course Sunday will be centerfire only, but you are welcome to bring a rimfire for Saturday. Round count will be about 200 for each day. There might also be some steel targets up, to shoot at those you need a bullet that does not attract a magnet.

Big thanks to Marksmanship Training Center for hosting us at their range. Check them out if you like long range shooting:

Overnight camping at the range is allowed if you can put up with rustic accommodations.