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Thread: Rep. Wittenberg Introduces Extreme Risk Protection Order to Reduce Gun Violence, Protect Michigan Families

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmathew View Post
    Who gets to decide when you are dangerously crazy and when you are not?
    Does it matter? Even the experts will admit that predicting future behavior is no better than a guess.
    Opinions and comments made by me on this forum should not be considered legal advice.

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    Above the fold headlines in both Gongwer and MIRS suggest that RINO Rick is about to launch a serious effort for Representative Wittenberg's HB 4706 and HB 4707:

    Snyder Preparing Gun Control Proposal
    Snyder Considers Waving The Red Flag; Sheriffs Want Cops Back In Schools
    The stories are behind a paywall, but RINO Rick's spokesperson Tanya Baker launched a trial balloon on AP three days ago. The Democrats whom we are all polarized against have been all in for a while, so whether we can stare while possessing firearms will be determined by the Republicans in the Legislature soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveS View Post
    The anti gun groups are a lot of things, but they aren't stupid. Most people don't want "crazy" people to have guns, so they have no problem with legislation that targets them. The problem is that the actual legislation tends to be overly broad and and includes people that aren't reall dangerous.
    I agree. I also don't like that it appears to be very easy for "them" to take your guns, but it's very hard to get them back. It's just like a subscription to some auto bill service, you can sign up in 2 minutes. You have to spend 20 minutes trying to unsubscribe to something.

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