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Thread: December BOD Meeting & Holiday Fun Shoot / Firingline Westland 12-15-2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by partdeux View Post
    Good seeing everybody! Wish I could have stayed, but had higher priority fun planned
    You missed-out on your door prize…

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoTom View Post
    You missed-out on your door prize…
    I got a rock hat
    "Sec. 2. All persons who are commonly known as “Greasers” or the issue of Spanish and Indian blood, ... who go armed and are not known to be peaceable and quiet persons, and who can give no good account of themselves, may be disarmed by any lawful officer, and punished..." - Disarming of "Greasers", An Act to punish Vagrants, Vagabonds, and Dangerous and Suspicious Persons” California, passed April 30, 1855.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrScaryGuy View Post
    I got a rock hat
    You deserved a lump of Bituminous.
    “The path of the warrior is difficult!
    We live to protect those who cannot protect themselves!
    Honor in serving!
    Honor in defending!
    Honor in dying for a just cause!”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeto View Post
    You deserved a lump of Bituminous cup of Lignite.
    Value for value Or maybe just a big ol' clinker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoTom View Post
    You missed-out on your door prize…
    Socialist side in me came out... spread the free stuff

    What a game tho!

    And mike got his hug, everything was good... except for me NOT getting the gun of the year

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    This one was close to home, arrangements had been made to watch the kids and come and meet everybody last Friday. I was all set....until I had to go home sick with the Flu (I almost never go home sick), and stayed in bed until Sunday night. I was really looking forward to this too. I will have to double my efforts for the next time around.

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