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Thread: HB 5250 of 2017 Require individual who is restrained by PPO to relinquish firearms

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    HB 5250 of 2017 Require individual who is restrained by PPO to relinquish firearms

    HB 5250 of 2017
    Civil procedure; personal protection orders; possession of firearms; require individual who is restrained to relinquish firearms. Amends secs. 2950 & 2950a of 1961 PA 236 (MCL 600.2950 & 600.2950a).
    Last Action: 11/28/2017 bill electronically reproduced 11/09/2017

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    Shooting distance from "8 mile"
    and no word on what the cops can and can't do with your guns once you've "relinquished" them?
    Didn't we just have SCotUS say in Henderson v US that even felons have the right to sell or transfer their guns?
    "Sec. 2. All persons who are commonly known as “Greasers” or the issue of Spanish and Indian blood, ... who go armed and are not known to be peaceable and quiet persons, and who can give no good account of themselves, may be disarmed by any lawful officer, and punished..." - Disarming of "Greasers", An Act to punish Vagrants, Vagabonds, and Dangerous and Suspicious Persons” California, passed April 30, 1855.

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    That just tosses due process out of the window. This supercedes a Constitutional right?
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    This TOOL rode in on her husbands coat tails to get elected in my district. He assured me when he first ran that he was a 2A supporter. He wasn't, she isn't. Typical trough slobs. No way to get rid of them either. Are there no conservatives in Taylor or Romulus that would run to make a difference ?


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    Considering how easy it is to get a PPO against someone, I find this to incredibly infringing.

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