Hello fellow MI Gun Owners. Jackam SuperModerator suggested that I post this as stolen - originally in General Firearms Discussion.

S/N J631611
Savage 220f 20Ga. bolt action, syn stock, blued, Nikon 3-9 slughunter, leather/nylon sling. Black plastic case. The magazine is in my lockbox.

I am posting this mainly to help keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Of course, I would love to have my property returned.

My shotgun was lost on the evening of 11/18/2017 around 6:30 pm in the area between Farwell, Michigan and the small community of Lake, Michigan in the vicinity of Maple Grove Rd and Bringold Ave.

Clare County Sheriff has all the details. I have contacted several firearms dealers in the area and pawn shops. They all have the S/N and full description. They are all very cooperative and helpful.

I will gladly reward whomever returns my gun with no questions asked. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Any information may be relayed to me via PM or just provided to the Clare County Sheriff Dept. Phone: 989-539-1336.

The embarrassing story is that we loaded the pickup after a long hunt after dark, went to the front of the truck to ensure the lights were clear of mud, talked for a few, climbed in the cab and took off - ready for some food and coffee. We noticed the shotgun was missing within 10 minutes and immediately scoured the entire travel route on foot immediately that night, and again in the morning. I believe someone found it and intends to keep it.

My pal's pack was still on the gate. The Savage was in a hard case and just slick enough to slide out of the bed. Probably on the washboard dirt road within a mile of loading up.

The loss is 100% my fault - no doubt about it. There's no excuse.

Thanks again for reading, friends. Please report anything you might hear.