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Thread: Are guns in church a good idea?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledhead
    Better protection than holly water
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb32 View Post
    FIFY.....Can't believe it stayed up there this long.
    I put a big balloon in a tube sock, fill THAT with water from a municipal tap in Holly, then freeze it. Not a bad personal defense weapon and extremely tough for the cops to keep in evidence.
    I used to carry a frozen woodchuck, but this seems much easier, and far more sanitary.
    Life is too serious to take too seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warhorse View Post
    I believe having a CCW in church is an excellent idea.

    I am also a believer in having designated members standing guard with CCW's acting as usher's, greeters what have you.
    I agree with you 100%. It's a shame we have to live with this type of BS. It seems it's getting to be harder and harder to feel safe anywhere and do anything enjoyable without having to put up with idiots causing problems! I never in my many years of life ever thought going to church would be a safety issue! The future doesn't appear to be too promising as far as getting any better or safer JMHO

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    My Mom still yells at me when I Tell Her I had "Safe Church" at Home!!! and I will be 64 this coming week!!
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    Hunterspirit, I knew of several church shootings and when the shooting in Charleston, SC in June of 2015 happened I decided to ask an elder in the church if I could CC. He said he would bring it up at the next church meeting. I got the exact same response as you, " we don't feel there is a need".
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb32 View Post
    FIFY.....Can't believe it stayed up there this long.
    It's ok. I'm a public school English teacher.

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    There sure was "a need" to put the weekly collections in a safe though. And that was behind locked doors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledhead View Post
    It's ok. I'm a public school English teacher.
    As long as you aren't a 3rd grade SPELLING teacher, it's ok.

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