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Thread: Are guns in church a good idea?

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    Are guns in church a good idea?

    Are guns in church a good idea?

    By Charita Goshay
    December 3rd. 2017

    Rev. Michael Oyler and his wife, Rachelle, say they believe they have a moral and biblical obligation to ensure their members’ safety.

    PLAIN TWP. The shootings inside a church in Charleston, S.C., two years ago planted a seed of worry in Rabbi Michael Oyler’s mind.

    Nine members of Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church were murdered on June 17, 2015, by Dylann Roof, a white supremacist they unwittingly invited to join their midweek Bible study.

    Roof later told investigators he was trying to start a race war.

    “What took place in South Carolina has always been in the back of my mind,” said Oyler, founder of Star in the East, a local Messianic Christian congregation. “It’s prompted me to be proactive.”

    Oyler and his wife, Rachelle, say they believe they have a moral and biblical obligation to ensure their members’ safety.

    “I think Christians have been vilified so badly; we’re ‘bigots,’ we hide behind our faith,” she said. “We’ve become targets.”

    Rachelle Oyler last fall organized a concealed-carry weapons class, where 12 attendees earned certification. She carries a .38 Ruger revolver during church services.

    “With the climate out there now, my husband and I felt led to be more proactive,” she said. “We should protect ourselves, but do it safely. One of the biggest problems is you can have all the training in the world, but if you don’t know how to react, you can injure a lot of people.”

    A smiling Oyler admitted his wife is the better shooter. He doesn’t carry a gun. He holds black belts in karate, kabuto and shotokan.

    “There’s a sort of implied pacifism by clergy and rabbis, but the Scriptures don’t support that,” he said. “The concept of the shepherd is that he’s someone who leads his flock, feeds his flock and protects his flock.”

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    I believe having a CCW in church is an excellent idea.

    I am also a believer in having designated members standing guard with CCW's acting as usher's, greeters what have you.

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    Having a gun is a good idea no matter where you are.
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    Better protection than holly water

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    The water in Holly is fine.

    It was FLINT that had the problem. Fyi.

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    Guns in the hands of legal, level headed, law abiding citizen's is a good idea.

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    My Pastor has specifically requested that I carry a concealed pistol. I also sit in the back of the sanctuary, in a position where I am likely to be unseen by anyone entering.
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    I used to sit in the back, open doors and welcome parishioners, collect the weekly tithe.
    Inquired about carrying, response was we don't feel there is a need.
    I then asked why do I have to put the collection money in a safe behind locked doors?

    Mom fell off the porch shortly thereafter and haven't been back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I1I1I11II View Post
    The water in Holly is fine.

    It was FLINT that had the problem. Fyi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sledhead View Post
    Better protection than holy water
    FIFY.....Can't believe it stayed up there this long.
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