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Thread: HB 5320 of 2017 Allow Retired MSP Motor Carrier Officers to Carry Concealed in "Pistol Free Zones"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEVIL DOG View Post
    Now I know how it must feel to be the last kid picked to play a baseball game.
    We're all equal. It is just that some of us are more equal than the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luckless View Post
    Problem is, when we try to fix Michigan CPL law, the squishy gun owners line up against us for the sake of "National Reciprocity". HR 38 probably won't pass and Michigan law will remain problematic.

    Cops have to qualify annually to carry under LEOSA? I did not know that. I figured that once they retire, in as little as ten years, that they didn't need CPL training or annual qualifications.
    MI makes qualification a pain too.

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    HB 5320 of 2017
    Weapons; concealed; pistol-free zones; exempt retired motor carrier officers. Amends secs. 5b & 5o of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425b & 28.425o).
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