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Thread: Outdoorama 2018 -Up Dated with maps / layout

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    Outdoorama 2018 -Up Dated with maps / layout

    Outdoorama 2018 it's that time Again! March 1 ~ 4 at The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan.

    Map of where to enter & park and dock #9 location, yeah, I know the file shows 2918 but that is on ShowSpan!

    Showspan Parking Map-2918.pdf

    Layout for finding the MGO booth -it's really easy to find!

    MGO booth location ODR 2018.pdf

    For those that may not be familiar with this event, a link for more information https://www.showspan.com/OUT/

    I am going to keep this thread a lot simpler this year - a number of people are using that Tap-A-Talk thing so hopefully this will make it easier to read and follow.

    Again it is a call for volunteers - for the veterans of working MGO events, you know what is up - and I do have those of you that have contacted me on the list for the show.

    For those that have not worked an event, it is nothing like the forum, I would like to encourage you to come on out and experience what we do in connecting with the public.

    I would in particular hope that many of the new recent members will take the opportunity to participate in a real life MGO event.

    No experience necessary! you will be working along side members that are veterans of this event and many other MGO events.

    Volunteers will earn shift credits for this event!!

    This is a great opportunity for forum users to earn a 1yr. full membership by working a min. 4 hr. shift.

    For existing MGO members working a shift or more will give you options how to use your shift credits - including entry into the Volunteer Gun Of year drawing.

    ---Congratulations to dpeanut, Dorothy C in winning the 2018 Gun of the Year, a H&K VP9

    The 2019 GOY has not been decided yet-the drawing will be held in December at the Holiday fun shoot.

    To keep it simple I will not try to answer questions here in the OP in advance- If anyone has questions please send me a pm and I will take care of you.

    You will have a fun time working the booth and checking out the show - along with the Cottage and Lakefront living show going on at the same time.

    If you would like to volunteer post here in this thread or pm me - let me know what shift # you would like to work.

    More details to follow soon, However for now here is the schedule to look over, if you would like to volunteer send me a pm with the shift /s you would like to work.

    Any questions from new or veteran volunteers about this year's event, Please send me a pm.

    Set-up Day February 28 10am
    Shift #

    10am~2pm Looking good

    2-2pm~6pm should be ok


    Thursday March 1 1pm~9pm
    Shift #

    3 -12noon ~4:30 - Ok, we will get by

    4- 4:30 ~ 9pm - Same here

    Friday March 2 -11am ~ 9:30
    Shift #

    5 -10:30~2:30 - Doing ok here

    6 - 2pm~6pm - We will get by

    7 -5:30~9:30 - Well no takers for a all female staffing for this time block, so we could use some help here

    Saturday March 3 10am ~ 9pm ALL SHIFT"S NEED HELP

    8– 9:30 ~1:30

    9-1:30 pm ~ 4::30pm

    10-4:30 pm ~9pm

    Sunday March 4 – 10am ~5pm Again running real thin here, need pack up help in particular
    Shift #

    11 - 9:30~1:30 - Could use more

    12– 2pm~5:00 + pack up -time open ended
    We need help for this long shift
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    * from the above post -here it is,

    Women of MGO

    We have shift #7 Friday 3/2/2018
    5:30 to 9:30 pm completely open, would you
    like to do an all Female staffing of this time block?
    We need at least 4 Volunteers.

    The above said, now to get up on the soap box,

    This thread has been open for a month, clicked on as of the time I am typing this 892 times, so some of you have have clicked on it & more then once, Ok I'll give that some may have done it by mistake, most that clicked it probably looked at it.

    13 have said they will be willing to Volunteer -All past Volunteers, some one shift, some many shift's -I Thank All of you for that, but as of right now, not one new volunteer!!!!!!! in all fairness that is not true anymore -now we have 1, Thanks Mike!
    Many have been around longer then me and have NEVER volunteered for anything -I know you are alive -you are posting!

    1-more Volunteer, our President who will be bringing up the trailer, that is 14
    And myself that will spend 5 day's, all day there on site, that make's a Grand total of 15 volunteer's

    Over 60,000 registered on the forum & lot's of page hits each day & month, even discount the registered & never came back that is still a number of people out there!

    So we have 15, to cover 48 volunteer slots- WHY?

    And a bigger question why should we even bother doing events if so few are willing step up to staff them -and the few are the same few over & over -Again A Hardy Thank to all Volunteer's past & present.

    Understand everybody that has ever volunteered to work / staff a MGO event -took time out of their life to do so, they MADE time time to support MGO - sure everybody has stuff to do in life - heck for us old folks it might mean missing a nap to volunteer, that is serious stuff!!

    So we tried,

    Free membership's or extensions if you are already a member

    Choice of entering a "Volunteer's only Drawing " to win the gun of the year, always great odds & somebody always wins

    Events are fun to work -and we are not asking anyone to break rocks

    Fellow Volunteers are great to meet & work with

    We tried Honey

    We tried Sugar -in case you don't like Honey

    We tried -Sweet & Low in case you don't like the choice's above

    We tried - Splenda just to give an option

    We tried - Oh yeah Maple Syrup

    We tried - sweet

    We tried -Did I say almost free gun -almost because you do have to work at least a shift if you are already a member

    We tried -Asking nice to come on out & play

    We tried -More that don't come to mind right now -but we tried stuff

    We tried -Asking what you want -motivational ideas - most ideas we have BTDT & nobody cared so it didn't work - others not practical.

    So there is a lot we didn't try - I can't list it all here, However,

    We didn't try -pick up & drop off with the MGO bus -we would have, but couldn't get a driver.

    We didn't try - paying cash ( insert amount here ) however we do pay for parking!

    We didn't try -payment in Gold - in case you don't trust green backs or whatever color the use these days, and to save a line item or two, it includes Silver, Diamonds, bit coin, ect.

    We didn't try - a Lambo or even a nice 4X4,for a give away, but then again we are not a car or truck Organization -course a that might be nicer then a crummy gun! maybe we could have it wrapped -MGO ! you could drive it to the next event to

    We didn't try - A free gift for just opening a thread about volunteering -the more you click the more you get!

    We didn't try -limiting all give away's & free classes to volunteers only

    We didn't try -getting somebody else to do this job -maybe someone can do it better then the BOD & I am doing now -any volunteers? Oh, wait.

    Sound of dropping keyboard -one already bit the dust typing this post -guess it was too much for it! couldn't bear the strain!
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    Well we still need help, as you can see in the op when we need help & where in red, hopefully all who have committed their time can make it.

    Only one shift has the preferred amount of staffing of 4 people, however we will do the best we can, more would be better, especially Sat & Sunday as noted in the updated op.

    End of the day tomorrow, the ShowSpan online badge register closes, if you are coming please let me know now.

    MGO Activities Committee Chairman.

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    Will you be publishing the volunteer schedule, or otherwise letting us know when we are scheduled?


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    Wayne co. part D
    Gene pm sent,
    I will get everybody that has volunteered contacted by the end of the week along with a layout map will be posted for those that have not worked this event before.

    For the veterans, we are in the same place as the last few years, come in dock #9 check in as last year, walk slightly around the bleachers and we are straight ahead in front of you!

    In the mean time any questions just send a pm.

    Thank you to all that have volunteered for this event.
    MGO Activities Committee Chairman.

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    Wayne co. part D
    Up Dated the op with 2 maps, one of where to enter the complex at the main entrance & where to park on the north side along with where dock #9 is and the second with how to find the booth

    Anybody needing my contact information for the show, send me a pm.
    MGO Activities Committee Chairman.

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