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Close Quarters Tactical

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Thread: Outdoorama 2018 -Up Dated with maps / layout

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    I felt it was necessary to point out that the marvelous mutts sign was not part of the booth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichMass View Post
    Hhhmmm...it's so spacious with that open floor plan. It's almost like no one is there.
    One is there, the one taking the picture!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeto View Post
    Nobody Working in our booth.
    Fixed it for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb32 View Post
    Thanks to all the Volunteers who stepped up...........Carl, again without you, none of this would happen!!......Thanks Buddy!!
    Well I am just one old volunteer, I could not have done it without the other volunteers!

    It is with my deepest Thanks & Appreciation to name the following MGO members that stepped up to make this year's Outdoorama a success, in no order, just going down the list.
    We had a Great crew, Set-up & tear down are the hardest, yeah the tear down, the combined age for the three volunteers doing it was 175 yrs. We need more kids for that!
    Everyone listed added something unique to the show and worked hard, they all had to take time & put in extra effort, each in their own way to be there, so they all stand together as being outstanding volunteers.

    Magnum Man
    Mr. Waverly
    MichMass + Wife

    However, I do have to mention the MGO Cavalry members that rode in unexpectedly, unscheduled when help was really needed, just like the Cavalry!

    Thursday, early - mw074 - He was there for set-up on Wednesday, saw that there was still a lot to do, came in early to make sure it got done.

    Sunday, debdalton, dpeanut - I guess their is something to women's intuition that they knew help was needed & when.
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    Well a last few comments, then I am done, as my feet have been recovering while I set here, my hands & fingers are about done in with typing -& their are things yet to do in other departments.

    The Show, Opening Day,
    The weather really hammered us there, I drove there in the rain & when I was leaving there was 7~8 in. snow on the car, Mother nature had in in for the Outdoorama location.
    So the crowd was down, it was very thin the whole day, Saturday was the busy day, but it seems that attendance is down overall at the show, maybe they were all over at the Outdoor living show?
    in spite of that we did on par with other past outdoorama's

    I did not experience any negative response from the show attendees, others may have, if so they can tell their own story, lots of support for us / the gun community out there.

    I talked to all people, men & women & children, young & old, gun owners or not.

    I talked with 13 & 14 yr. olds, they saw through the media hype of recent events, they said many of their friends / peer group did too & they told me how much of their world on social media was adding fuel to the next potential problem by making it a challenge for nut's to one up / top the next one. There is hope for the youth of America yet!

    Talked to teachers, police, non gun people, we are no where as far apart as the media would have people to believe.

    Surprisingly many had heard of the Bath Mi, township event.

    However, a little firearm trivia question, when asked what the "AR" in AR-15 stood for most could give the correct answer, even among those who said they were gun people.

    The visual aids helped, great to be able show cartridge cases & bullets to people to help them understand what is being talked about in the media, the uninformed & again some were gun people, were surprised to learn, by seeing just how small .223 ammo is, compared to "ok" hunting ammo.

    The rock worked too to illustrate that using it for evil pourpose's did not make it a "Assault Rock" the same said for a black rifle.

    Speaking of black rifles, what fun to show, to the delight of, well respectfully, to a senior woman, how they work, come apart & can be readily adjusted to fit all sizes of people, how they can be easily customized to ones desires, just like Barbie.

    Ooooooooooo, that pistol grip can I hold it, sure, I like this, check it out, hold it yourself, I want one, how much do they cost?? actual exchange in showing a "scary" black rifle to the lady.

    One gentleman came up to me & in talking to me said his wife had told him nobody needs an ar15, I talked to her about it, she made a statement, I broke down for her what she said to me, point by point,
    we agreed all along the way -in the end so what's the problem? well their wasn't one!

    Some have said that we are just "preaching to the choir" at a event like this, not true when you actually get out and talk with people.

    Now the last part, the three pictures posted, yep nobody working the booth, the picture taker was not, I guess you could say was not working it either, but he was ready after the snap shot to go into action.

    I really wondered why the volunteer who already worked one shift so far, did not show up for the two shifts on Sunday, that he had told he would do, I do understand that things unexpectedly can come up for people,
    No problem, I do appreciate a call or text, that's why I give volunteers my cell # before a show /event.

    A few days have gone by and no word, so I sent a pm asking so what happened?

    The reply was that he was "Very disappointed in many aspects of the MGO group" after he spent "a majority of my Saturday" ( 1 shift ) at the show, he didn't feel that "anyone there deserved anymore" of his time on Sunday and that he did not see any volunteers aligned with the goal's in the group," not one bit"

    He could have told me that to my face on Saturday or at least text me.

    Added that we / I /MGO received 4 hrs of his time, "but you won't be getting any more of it."

    Well in 9 yrs. of volunteering and working with volunteers this is a new one on me -I have invited him to the next BOD meeting to voice specifics so that we may learn, evolve & improve if needed - doubt we will see him.

    Offered him my job if he thought that was the problem, oops the dreaded "V" word again!

    Personally I won't miss him, will anybody that was there miss him?

    Well that is it for Outdoorama 2018, Thank you so much everybody ( except 1 ) that was there to support MGO!

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    Didn't align with the goals of the group? What was he hearing or seeing? Must have been a different shift in a different booth.
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    I spent the day from open to close at the booth on Saturday.

    Largest takeaways from this vs the most recent woods & water show last fall, was that primarily, no one asked us if we were B4K due to the prominent displays for other groups as opposed to at woods & water being asked several times an hour. I talked to several people, to include the DNR officer from the booth across from us with questions. Hours of conversations, some with those who were okay with firearms, some who wanted more understanding of the current firearms laws, some interested in the firearms laws that were pending, some just plain interested in who we were and what we did, and others who were not necessarily gun people, and coming into the conversation were okay with banning AR styled rifles and gave them much food for thought about why they're popular, why they while used by the military are no more a 'weapon of war' than many of the hunting calibers, as most if not all mainstream hunting calibers came to popularity because it was supported both by military and the hunting purchasing power, and not just one or the other. The reasons went on and on and many of them walked away not being so afraid of the scary black rifle, (of which one of our displays was notably camo'd instead of black). Only saw two people who really had obvious disagreements with our booth and they both walked away without much more than mutterings to themselves.

    Ultimately whomever didn't agree with the alignment of the goals of group or whatever the issue was (assuming first that he was at our booth and not mcgroalphabetsoup), everyone who serves at any booth has their own opinions, some people more direct, some people want more some people want (and I mean directional not politically) left vs right. I do not recall anyone having an issue with the booth (again assuming it was ours) and ultimately that's their freedom to opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeeTee View Post
    Speaking of black rifles, what fun to show, to the delight of, well respectfully, to a senior woman, how they work, come apart & can be readily adjusted to fit all sizes of people, how they can be easily customized to ones desires, just like Barbie.
    Carl, you did an excellent job with those two senior ladies on Friday night. I really hope the one who signed up for a membership shows up to one of our events.
    MGO Board of Directors Trustee
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    Thank you for the report. Sounds like a very worthwhile event.

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    I couldn't make it but sounds like you all did a FANTASTIC job!!! As far as the negative nelly volunteer I am personally glad they didn't show up again since we don't want such a person sending negative thoughts out from our group. Again, GREAT JOB!

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