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Thread: HB 5414 of 2018 - Lifetime CPL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roundballer View Post
    That is not the word I would have used, put I wouldn't have used purple either.
    Any name is good... except for lonely old man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared1981 View Post
    They apologized,
    Actually, they said "Don't come back"
    bought me dinner,
    Due to a free one they serve everybody there
    and told the NYPD licensing division that they dont need to issue gun licenses anymore because no one needs them.
    Which was their smart ass comment when showing you the door the next morning.

    Did you meet Bubba?
    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and laxative on the same night.

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    Aw shucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by zigziggityzoo View Post
    I am neutral on this... Mostly because I am always concerned they will juke at the last minute and add something terrible.

    I do think our licensing is FAR too expensive... Indiana regular permits are $40 and lifetime permits are $125.

    Here's a recent comparison of costs https://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/rpt/2013-R-0048.htm
    I have been looking for this web site to no avail. Can you help me on this?

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    I would rather have CPL's the same price as DL's to renew.

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