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Thread: Will Gun Control Stop the Shootings?

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    Will Gun Control Stop the Shootings?

    Will Gun Control Work to Stop the Shootings?

    By Kurt Williamsen
    New American
    March 13th. 2018

    On March 14, 2018, one month after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, activist groups are planning walk-outs and protests around the country to demand gun control, especially banning “assault weapons,” to avoid a repeat of last month’s murders.

    While the concern for life is notable, if the protesters get their way, America will see more murders, not less.

    Here’s why:

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    What they really don't understand is the old "give them an inch and they will take a mile". You let the government have this and other freedoms fall like domino's. It's happened before it can happen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyborgWarrior View Post
    Bombs in schools don't scare kids, the teachers didn't tell them they could die from that.

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    Instead of "Will gun control stop the (school) shootings," maybe the question should be "Can gun control stop the (school) shootings?" Either way, I believe the answer to be NO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokepole View Post
    Will Gun Control Work to Stop the Shootings?

    By Kurt Williamsen
    New American
    March 13th. 2018
    Personally I have to say that vigorous gun control measures will eventually stop, or at least lower the possibility of school shootings.

    But guns in the hands of the untrained are basically poor mass killing instruments so this gun control will probably backfire on the gun grabbing groups.

    We send these kids to school, teach them to use their minds, be creative, & research all possibilities, they have electronic connection to all countries & radical groups so my guess is that once guns are more difficult to obtain these deranged kids will default to some other form of mass killing instruments like gasoline bombs, automobiles, chemical devices, or even bio type mass killing techniques. Probably even come up with unique ways to increase the death & suffering per incidence.

    I guess we didn't learn much from the auto industry, at one time thieves would sneak up at night & hot wire a car, use it for a while then park it or part it out. Then the helpful politicians, insurance companies, lets-fix-the problem people stepped in & forced the auto industry to design, develop, & sell hotwire proof automobiles. Well it worked, no one hot wires an automobile any more ---- they just stick a gun in the drivers face & steal it with keys in the ignition (maybe even with a baby in the back seat). Or simply shoot the driver, pull him out & drive away with a pre heated fully fueled vehicle.

    If they want to stop these school shootings they need to attack the root not a small branch or a leaf. Absolutely no news coverage of the event, no shooter's name or information given out, no shooter background posted anywhere. If the kid is under 21 & living at home then go after the parents (probably just a parent).

    If the shooter shoots himself before caught then hang him naked upside down in a public place for a full week. If they don't kill themselves then give them the death penalty then after dead hang then naked upside down in a public place for a full week.

    Bet ya we see less school shootings!
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