Court Backs Texas Activist Who Challenged County Gun Ban

U.S News & World Report
March 16th. 2018

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas appeals court has ruled in favor of a gun-rights activist who had complained that county officials were illegally barring firearms from a public building.

The Court of Appeals for the 1st District of Texas found in favor of Terry Holcomb Sr. by ruling, in part, that Waller County had no standing to sue Holcomb in 2016 because a complaint he lodged should have been heard by the state attorney general's office.

Thursday's opinion reversed a lower-court ruling, with justices also determining that lower court didn't have jurisdiction in the matter.

The Legislature in 2015 adopted a law forbidding state agencies and other public entities from posting notices barring entry to armed concealed handgun license holders. The attorney general's office is charged with investigating any claims that the law is being violated. Attorney General Ken Paxton wasn't named as a party in the county's lawsuit, and the appeals court determined that Holcomb's complaint would have to be heard by Paxton's office before any court action.