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    Quote Originally Posted by slingshot77 View Post
    For example, on the Ruger Mark4 the frame contains the hammer, trigger, magazine (basic frame & fire control) but that can be shipped as a simple gun part as it isn't the serial numbered part of the gun. The upper receiver & barrel is the serial numbered part so has to be shipped as a firearm. Kind of an outlier but just shows that all guns are not the same as far as what part is considered the actual gun.
    The Ruger Standard Model .22 pistol antedates the BATFE definition of a firearms receiver, which was promulgated in the aftermath of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Ruger did not want to stamp serial numbers into the Standard Model .22 pistol grip frame because it was two stamped halves, welded together, and somewhat fragile. ATTU had no say in this in 1949, as long as the pistol had a serial number somewhere. Several handguns made after the Federal Firearms Act of 1938, which first required handgun serializing, had their serial numbers stamped on the underside of their barrels.

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    Pre WWII era German firearms even serial numbered the magazines, trigger, firing pin, extractor...

    Doesn't make them a firearm according to the US BATFE.

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    Just an addendum to this: UPS requires a complete handgun to be shipped 2nd Day Air, with a signature required at time of delivery. Both from the owner, and back to them from the licensed smith.

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