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Thread: Dick’s walks risky line on guns

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    Dick’s walks risky line on guns

    Dick’s walks risky line on guns

    By Nolan Finley
    Detroit News
    May 12th.2018

    About the only merchandise Dick’s Sporting Goods sells that you can’t also find on Amazon are guns.

    And yet the major retailer of athletic and outdoor gear is turning on that captive customer base, throwing its lot in with advocates for tighter gun control laws.

    What Stack is doing now goes well beyond selectively limiting gun sales. He may be putting a bullet into his struggling business. Dick’s has been sliding for the past year; the stock price is down nearly 40 percent as competition from online retailers such as Amazon eats deeply into its sales. That’s a familiar story in the retail business.

    But unlike other brick-and-mortar stores, Dick’s has an edge in that it offers a product not easily purchased over the internet: guns.

    Losing one gun line won’t sink Dick’s. The bigger worry is how its customers will react.

    Gun enthusiasts are quite sensitive to any threat to their constitutional rights, as evidenced by the sudden spike in firearm and ammunition sales. Gun sales had been declining since the election of President Donald Trump as concerns about the future of the Second Amendment subsided. It got so bad the iconic Remington brand filed for bankruptcy.

    With sales up again, it should be good news for retailers like Dick’s.

    But legal and responsible gun owners don’t like to be treated as pariahs. And they surely don’t want the money they spend on their firearms to end up in the pockets of Washington lobbyists working to strip them of their rights.

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    Boycotting Dick's is easy since I never shop there. I prefer Dunham's anyway.

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