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Thread: YouTube Shuts Down Brownell's Channel

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    YouTube Shuts Down Brownell's Channel

    YouTube Unexpectedly Shuts Down Sporting Goods Store's Channel

    By Beth Bauman
    June 9th. 2018

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    YouTube has received quite the backlash from pro-gun groups and supporters for their sudden censorship of pro-gun videos. Second Amendment supporters were even going as far as posting their videos on a porn website just so they remained online.

    Now, YouTube has unexpectedly, and without warning, terminated Brownells' YouTube Channel, the sporting goods company alleges.

    Brownells took to social media to ask their customers to contact YouTube about the bias.

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    Looks like it is back online, as of this moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michaelk View Post
    Looks like it is back online, as of this moment.
    It wouldn't surprise me if they might have a "few" SJW type of people that just "review" things on their own.

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    I may be ignorant about this, but are there conservative and 2A-friendly alternatives to these social media sites that are screwing with us? If not, why not? What am I missing?

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    There's a pretty new site 1776tv.com that is firearms friendly.
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