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Thread: many stolen guns

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    many stolen guns

    House was robber this past holiday weekend. Multiple guns stolen be on the lookout please.
    mossberg 500 pistol grip 12ga with heat shroud
    cva optima muzzleloader with thumbhole stock black and silver
    old bolt action 20ga
    model 94 lever action 30/30 with scope
    m&p 45c with kydex holster
    .22lr bolt action with scope 7 round mag
    12ga wingmaster (i believe) blueing is rusting a little long bird barrel
    centerpoint whisper 380 crossbow with utg 4x lighted reticle scope

    Some of these guns were very sentimental so any possible input where they could be would be great. Thanks MGO
    I do have some pictures of weapons and some serial numbers. Location was irish hills area Lenawee county

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    Sorry for your loss.....descriptions without serial numbers, aren't much help.

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    What did they use to breach the safe door?
    So you start walking over to her house
    and you walk over to her door and
    you start poundin on her door and you say
    "Open up the door b**ch!”
    This is wooba gooba with the green teeth, let me in!!"

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    30/30 numbers 5392508
    mp numbers DTA9870

    Those are the only numbers I have so far still going through my files. As for the breach some guns were stored in a wood gun cabinet so didnt take much. Very hard lesson learned figured living in the country this would never happen well I was wrong. Next will be a large fireproof heavy gun safe that I hope they couldnt breach at all.

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    Don't kick yourself too hard over this. There is not a safe in existence that can prevent someone with a little skill, some tools & time. Hopefully, you had some insurance.



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    Yes I had insurance but that is a joke too. They are giving me $19 for the one 12ga that was my fathers and $96 for my 30/30. All in all even after insurance im out well more than 5 grand plus the loss of sentimental things that can never get back. They also will not reimburse any money, coins, or bonds

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    Might be worth adding them here if you have serial numbers.

    Hot Gunz

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    Sorry man. Been there. You'll have to do any searching and detective work yourself. Cops got bigger fish to fry. I don't see anything like country around garden city either. Is your location correct?

    You'll have to do the insurance companies job too. Present them with at least three comparables of each firearm. Use MGO marketplace, and a few other online sellers as examples.

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    yea been doing as much work as possible. Dont live in garden city forgot to update. Live out in irish hills area now.

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    Sorry for your loss. Country living is usually quiet, no neighbors to watch, lots of time to go through your stuff!!
    Active airport shooter

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