I know this is probably going to get me flamed, but....

I don't think the Federal or State government has any business telling us what and how we choose at any age to defend ourselves. Period.

Why would I want to tell a 17 year old they can't have a less than lethal device to protect themselves? Or 16? Or 15?

Now, the other side to this coin is enforcement of laws on hurting others. Use a stun gun to assault someone (not in self defense)? You should get hammered.

I am tired of giving the State or Feds permission to tell me or my family how we can defend ourselves or any other part of my life that is not hurting or infringing on the liberties of others.

Start actually punishing those that harm others....not those minding their own business and wanting to protect themselves and what is theirs. Get rid of laws that punish everyone and instead have and enforce laws that punish those that cause harm.