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    Go to the MSP CPL annual report and check out the page(6, I think) that reports the cost to process the cpl by county. Really interesting. I think the reporting criteria must really be soft/undefinable based on the wide variance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DEVIL DOG View Post
    Won't do me any good considering my Reps are left wing nuts. But for those of you that have a real voice with your Reps, ebomb them & let them know that we have waited for 8 years for them to put something together to appease our appetite for better gun laws.
    Some of us have been waiting 18 years for fee reduction along w/ removal of gun free zones. My rep says "dont worry about all the carve outs. They make the last one, for all easier." BS-all those carved out dont care once they are free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelm_ski View Post
    AMAZING ! When does this take effect ?
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    Scoop, there's an easier way.

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    Send me a link to join the group

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