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    Olight PL Mini Valkyrie 2

    Finally a metal bodied high powered light that will work on small guns like my M&P9c 3.6. I have been using the TRL-3’s for a few years. Most have developed a small crack in the housing. I know of instances that the light just flat out falls off from holstering and reholstering. I got this when they had thier introductory sale for $62. So far I am pretty impressed. For a small light it has a huge consistent spill area. Output blows the TLR-3 out of the water and is comparable to my older TLR-1HL 600 lumen model. I have found a few holster manufacturers who have the light and can make custom kydex holsters.

    https://www.batteryjunction.com/olight-pl-mini-2-valkyrie-opt.html#jmui=f%3A1426%3A305419896%3AbDyl0*UFD*7WQ QB044NCDsek
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    Agree, have a few if these and am very impressed for the $. Also a huge fan of the USB magnetic charging and the quick disconnect allowing me to put it on several different options quickly.

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