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Thread: Italy Eyes Stand Your Ground Law

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    Italy Eyes Stand Your Ground Law

    Italy Eyes Stand Your Ground-Style Law for Lethal Firearm Use

    By AWR Hawkins
    March 17th. 2019

    Italian leaders are eyeing a Stand Your Ground-style law that would offer protections for Italians who perceive a threat and kill someone in their home.

    CBS News reports that Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s party is seeking passage of a “Legitimate Defense” bill. The bill is designed to “decrease penalties” for those who use firearms for self-defense in their homes.

    DW reports the bill makes clear that defense in one’s home “is always legitimate.” They noted that Salvini campaigned on the law in 2015 by saying, “If you enter my house on foot, know you could be leaving lying down.” Salvini suggested would-be intruders “stay at home, go to work, that way you don’t risk anything.”

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    Any time you shoot a criminal you should get a medal. Actually, we should NEVER be in that situation, the "criminal justice system" should be disposing of them. Not like the California A-Hole governor letting a child rapist/murderer live.

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