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Firearms Legal Protection

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    Combat Armory ..LPK

    Had read about the sale on Anderson Ar-15 stripped lowers in the "found a deal" subforum & decided it was a good deal..
    1) save on price of the lower 2) no FFL fee 3) no shipping charge = good deal, for sure.

    Took awhile to find them in stock, but persistence paid off. Next, as I had a collapsing stock that I'd removed from another rifle,
    decided I need the rest of the parts to complete the assembly of the lower I'd purchased. Figured out a lower parts kit (LPK) was what was needed.
    Not being all that familiar with shopping for these parts, I was overwhelmed with options. I'd read about a local company,Combat Armory ( www.combatarmory.com/) in another thread here,
    & after reading some favorable comments, decided to try their LPK..that the kit was on sale for $34.99 + free shipping, did help in the decision.

    Parts arrived quickly & I was pleased with the packaging & appearance of the parts. Since I had assembled another AR lower, decided to offer this assembly to my son, as
    he hadn't done one before. He came over & the assembly went smoothly. A function test had everything working as intended, EXCEPT.. with the hammer cocked, safety off,
    pull the trigger & hammer wouldn't fall. After checking assembly, decided to swap out the FCG (hammer, trigger, disconnector, & springs) from my parts stash of mil-spec parts removed from another rifle.
    I believe they were PSA parts, replaced with a Geissele trigger set. Now , the lower worked fine.

    Attached an upper, took to range & my new bargain lower was working fine..
    after reading how this same problem had presented to another MGO member, I decided to contact Combat Armory & told them of the issue I had experienced.
    Mike, from Combat Armory, responded quickly to my email , with an offer to send replacement parts..I said fine.
    Didn't ask for return of old parts, but within a day, had a message that a replacement set was on it's way.
    Envelope arrived today & it contained an entire, complete, LPK.. not just the FCG I'd had an issue with.
    Nice to see a company stand behind their products..
    Combat Armory is located in Commerce Township, Michigan.

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    Excellent! This is great to hear.

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    I feel like the disconnectors might be hyperactive.
    I noticed when dry firing the one i just built, if I pull the trigger and hold it back, then gently cycle the bolt, the disconnector doesn't always want to let go of the hammer when I let go of the trigger. If I rack it fast, it doesn't seem to have an issue. Not sure this will hold up at the range, but by now I've already swapped out the trigger/hammer pins and might see if I have some other parts to swap around.
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    I've had good luck with their upper kits (both 5.56 and .300 in 10.5"), and Mike resolved my FCG issue overnight with a new LPK.

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    Thanks for the review! I ordered a 300 upper last week and it was at my door in two days. Haven't had time to assemble yet but all appears to be good with it no blems or issues upon visual inspection. I also decided to give Combat a try myself based on Scoops post in the Gunsmith section.

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