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    Remington 03 WWII

    Still cleaning out the safe.
    Need a value on a 1903 Remington 03, Oct 1942 with Sept, 1942 barrel which would be correct.
    Bore is VGC. Wood is scared but correct.
    Serial number is 3236644
    How can I tell if this might have been a sniper?
    03,johnson 001.jpg03,johnson 004.jpg03,johnson 008.jpg
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    There are no 03 snipers. All were either 03A3 or later 03A4. Also not drilled and tapped.

    Probably a $600 to $650 rifle.
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    S.A.A. stock cartouche variations are usually associated with a rebuild at San Antonio Arsenal. Do not recognize an 'F' or an 'E' prefix to the S.A.A., however.

    'C', 'H', and 'L' are the usual prefixes before S.A.A. in a stock cartouche. Could be an 'FJA.' overstamp. Lt. Col. Frank J. Atwood conducted the original, new product inspection and San Antonio partially overstamped his cartouche off to the right after a post war rebuild.

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