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Thread: 2k for guns

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    It's funny I can see both "sides" of the core controversy ..
    Do you buy (inexpensive) guns, to build the size (& variety) of your collection ?
    Or do you buy (fewer) higher priced guns...(Going for quality over quantity) which ( will ? should ? may ?) increase in value, over time.
    Or will become guns you'll never sell, because you appreciate the qualities found in the more expensive guns.

    I think many (like, myself) do some of both.
    I started out ( mid 70's) buying a few nicer pistols ( a Goldcup, S&W revolvers),
    then bought a bunch of Taurus pistols..cheap (@ the time) reliable & accurate.. but not quite the quality found in S&W & Colt.

    Sold all the Taurus revolvers, over time, kept a few auto loaders..bought more S&W revolvers..
    actually got what I'd paid for the Taurus revolvers, maybe a few $ more, as they'd > in price.

    Over the yrs. the Colt & S&W's have appreciated greatly in value..

    Think not ? compare the price of a Colt 1911 or S&W revolver from the 70's & 80's. compared to today's prices.
    yeah, I know "inflation".. but other guns from the same time period have not "inflated" in the same manner.
    Check the used prices of older Colt pistols & S&W revolvers..many are higher than new pistols.

    Can't say I've ever regretted any gun I've bought. Paid too much for some,
    but have also bought many "used" guns @ bargain prices too ... it more than evens out.

    As I gained shooting experience, the different between my less expensive firearms, &
    higher priced, and higher quality ones, has become apparent.

    If I purchased a top of the line Wilson, Brown, Baer, etc.. 1911..I could tell the difference, easily between it & a RIA 1911.

    Only your finances, & desire for ownership, can determine which fits your needs better.
    Which ends up being the factor that determines your purchases.

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    Lapeer County
    8.5-12" AR15 (5.56 or 300blk) and a suppressor, plus two tax stamps.

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    Springfield EMP with cocobolo grips and a Ruger Precision rifle in .308. If you shop around you should be able to get both for $2000.

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