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    Remington 700 5r and a bushnell scope this will be cheapest.

    If you don't want to mess around, buy once, cry once get a GA precision rifle and a schmidt bender scope. But you're talking at least $7k for that setup.

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    The advice I am giving is going to come from the mindset / stance of a competitive bullseye shooter so some of this may or may not be applicable to you. You need to lay down some hard requirements and go from there.

    First, good ammo isn’t cheap. Accept that or find another hobby. Even 600 yard + suitable 223 is going to be about $1.25 a trigger pull. At least that is what we @ Loader Monkey sell our 75 VLD and 80.5 Berger long line ammo for. 1k yard ammo becomes even more refined and isn’t going to be progressively loaded if you really want consistency.

    Secondly if you plan to shoot from positions such as for high power or PRS then adjustability will be important. Adjustable length of pull, adjustable combs, so on and so forth. If just from a bench then not so much an issue. So if PRS then look at chassis based rifles such as the RPR.

    Third get something you can rebuild without having to wait on a machinist to take his sweet time to thread and chamber you a new barrel.

    Yes, barrel life is a factor at these proposed distances. Let’s put it this way - these are pretty much standards -

    Button rifled 223 barrels are good for about 3k rounds @ 600 for 1 moa precision
    Broached (cut) rifling 5k rounds for the same.
    Broached 308 @ 1000 yards for 1 MOA about 3k and back to about 5k for 600 yards.
    6/6.5 Creedmoor barrel life is less than 308.
    If you demand higher precision, say 1/2 MOA for F class type competition then barrel life will be less still.

    I go through button rifled barrels in one season. I get two seasons from a cut barrel.

    So Savage with their barrel nut system or a 700 Rem which can be converted to the same system allow you to rebarrel yourself with off the shelf barrels. I believe you can buy off the shelf barrels for the RPR now too and there are companies offering the nut system for Howa actions, Etc now too.

    As far as optics, Repeatability, tracking and adjustment stability are important. A lot of optics out there. The best glass isn’t needed like in hunting environments where low light is a factor. For my any sight matches I actually use a Vortex HST 4-16 x 44. It tracks well and holds adjustments. The glass is ok and the reticle is very useable but I am shooting from known distances. A more suitable reticle that helps for hold over and hold off in fast paced PRS type shooting may be in your needs. Lot of options.

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