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    Sport shooting near flint?

    Are there any sort shooting clubs near the flint area? (48505) I’ve been curious about practical shooting events and would like to see what it’s all about. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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    Hi Eugene:

    Although I am not able to direct you right to a specific event in Flint, I do know that there is a very active bullseye community over there. Cruise the local gun club web sites and I am sure you will find a couple that have bullseye teams or as the NRA now refers to Bullseye Pistol Competitions...……..Precision Pistol.

    I am sure a couple more people will chime in as well.

    If Lansing is not too far from you, we have a number of matches left in our winter indoor bullseye competition league. PM me for details if you are interested.


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    Here are a few close to Flint. Check their websites for details.

    Linden Sportsmen Club. IDPA

    Livingston Conservation & Sports Association. IDPA

    Livingston Gun Club. USPSA & GSSF

    Fenton Lakes Sportsman’s Club. PPC

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    It's hard to beat Bluewater Sportsmans Club near Pt Huron.....


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    Check out Lapeer County Sportsmans Club.

    Maybe tenthumbs will see this and chime in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dramey82 View Post
    Check out Lapeer County Sportsmans Club.

    Maybe tenthumbs will see this and chime in.
    I just saw this as I have had limited time online this week.

    LCSC has many venues for shooting opportunities. Check out our section here on the forums for details.

    Feel free to pm me if anyone has further questions.

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    Linden Sportsmen Club is awesome for IDPA. Currently closed until the governor's executive order is lifted. We have practices every Wednesday evening at 6 starting in april. Matches are held the first Saturday of every month through the summer.

    Oakland County Sportsmen has a myriad of different groups ppc idpa and others that I don't follow. Check out both clubs web sites.

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