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Firearms Legal Protection

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    MGO Board of Directors

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    Mar 2011

    Enter to WIN a FREE MDFI class.

    Once again MGO is offering a FREE MDFI class to paid members. If you are not a paid member now is a good time to join.

    The class will be held on Sunday May 17th at Sportsman's Club of Battle Creek.

    The class is YSINTG! (You Suck, It's Not The Gun) and we have 20 open spots.

    There will be a $25/per person range fee to be paid when you show up for class.

    Prerequisites and Gear Requirements can be found here: https://trainmdfi.com/courses/ysintg/

    If you would like to be entered in the drawing, respond to this post with an "I'm in" or similar.
    Nothing else is to be posted. If you have questions send me a PM.
    Drawing date will be April 19th.

    All winners will be required to send a refundable check for $100.00 made out to Michigan Gun Owners by April 27th to hold your spot. If I do not receive your check the next in line will be notified.
    This class is only for MGO members who enter the drawing. If you decline your spot, the next in line gets it.

    Show up for the class and you get your check back. No show and it goes into the legal fund.

    Good Luck!!
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    Flint, Mi
    I'm in.
    Numero uno (unless KiltGuy's post above is serves as his "I'm in" cause I KNOW he wants in!)

    Maybe I'm numero dos.
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    Summer is here and we have officially declared the Corona Virus can be disregarded because we want to do some things!

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    I'm in.

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    I'm in
    DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in my posts are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions, views, or official policies of Michigan Gun Owners. Any opinion I express on an issue should not be considered legal advice.

    For those interested in establishing an NFA or Gun Trust click here. For my contact information click here. Follow me on Twitter @makowskilegal or my website www.makowskilegal.com

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    I'm in -- just down the road from me!!!!

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    I'm in.

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    I'm in.

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    I’m in

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    I'm in
    Washtenaw Sportsman's Club member
    NRA Certified RSO (Thanks MGO)
    NRA Member

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