Estate Planning attorneys typically charge anywhere between $1,200-2,000 to prepare Revocable Trusts for clients. With everything that is going on in the world today we need to face the harsh reality that none of us know our future. At best, many of us will be in a position where we are unable to make medical decisions for ourselves for quite some time. I have decided to offer Estate Planning services to MGO members at a DEEPLY discounted price.

I am offering MGO members the following:

--Preparation of a Revocable Living Trust for asset management.
--Preparation of one (1) deed for real property to transfer real estate to the Trust in the event of death.
--Preparation of a "pour-over" Last Will & Testament to deed remaining chattel property to the Trust in the event of death.
--Preparation of a General Power of Attorney to allow someone to conduct business affairs if you become temporarily incapacitated.
--Preparation of a Health Care Power of Attorney/Advance Directive to allow someone to make medical decisions if you become hospitalized.


Send an email to and I will send you a questionnaire. Please include your phone number. You will need to fill out the questionnaire and upload deeds to any real property you own. Should you not have a copy of your deed I will try to work to locate the information needed through public records. Once information and payment is received I will prepare your documents and deliver to you in PDF format. You will then need to have these documents signed and notarized (remote/ e-notary services are available online).


$750.00 for single people, $800.00 for married couples/domestic partners. Deeds for additional real property will be $25.00 each.